25 Top German Shepherd Boy Names

“Some things just fill your heart without trying.”

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Photo by: @gunnerdobgsd

1.Gunner – meaning bold warrior, this name is perfect for a big strong dog. origin: Scandinavian

2. Luther – relating to the army, this would be suiting for a working dog or a police dog! origin: German

3. Apollo – an extremely unique name that nobody can forget. This mythological name will be great for your handsome boy. origin: Greek

4. Hulk – almost a must if you own a H U G E dog. This intimidating name will be sure to turn heads to your Hulk. origin: American

Photo by: @hulk_the_gsd

5. Mac – meaning son, this name is suiting for really any male German Shepherd! This name is also a great one to use for training. origin: Scottish

6. Bodhi – this special name is not only unique but also has a very strong meaning. Bodhi means enlightenment or awakening. You will probably only meet one Bodhi in your whole life. origin: Sanskrit

7. Axel – this is perfect for the boy you plan to breed in the future. Associated with “father of peace” this genuine name is super cute! origin: Scandinavian

8. Charlie – For the free spirit pup in your life! This will be very fitting for that spontaneous happy boy that you love. origin: English

Photo by: @littlecharlieboy_

9. Raptor – For a German Shepherd with a high prey drive. He loves chasing after any small creature and gets lost exploring nature! origin: Latin

10. Odin – Defined as a Norse God who is undoubtedly wise and lavish. This name is super cool for your doggie! origin: Norwegian

11. Rex – A king! Your Rex deserves nothing less than the world. origin: Latin

12. Harley – A tough name for a tough boy. This name is perfect for training purposes because it is catchy and only two syllables! origin: English

Photo by: @harley_and_shelby_gsd

13. Karter – I love this name for a good boy! This name projects obedience and loyalty. origin: English

14. Roman – Especially popular in Italian, Greek, and Latin culture. Roman would be an excellent fit for a confident German Shepherd. origin: Latin

15. Tripp – This if for your goofy boy. Tripp means to skip or hop, so if you have a pup who loves to jump or dance you may want to consider this one! origin: English

16. Zane – meaning God’s gracious gift. This one is surely a winner for your best friend! origin: Hebrew

17. Oliver – This name would be good for an energetic German Shepherd. It’s right in the middle of not being too common or too unique! origin: Latin

Photo by: @gsdtheoliver

18. Chance – meaning “chancellor” this masculine name is a popular one among all dogs! origin: French

19. Rover – A perfect match for the wanderer dog! If he loves long walks or hikes origin: English

20. Kirby – If you are religious this might just be the name for you! Meaning church this is definitely suiting for the right lifestyle. origin: Irish

21. Werner – A perfect German name for a perfect German Shepherd! The name Werner originates far back in German culture. It means guard so it is almost certainly made for a German Shepherd! origin: German

22. Royce – meaning “son of a king.” Royce is a very luxurious name for your spoiled pup! origin: English

Photo by: @gsd_royce_

23. Toby – I love this name for a German Shepherd because it is a very happy name. Any dog would love to be a Toby! origin: English

24. Elias – This fun & unique name is sure to be the one! A common nickname is Eli or Ellie. I’m sure any pup would grow into this name. origin: Greek

25. Rocky – meaning “rest” this is one for the lazy boy in your life. He just loves to be cuddled up next to you watching TV. Hey, There is nothing wrong with that! origin: Italian

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