10 Facts About the Siberian Husky.

An amazing dog with amazing qualities.

Photo by: @trrrosky

1. Escape Artist – These dogs can find their way out of anything! Make sure to never leave any door, crate, or window unsupervised. They love to figure things out and will even weasel themselves out of the smallest of spaces.

2. Super Playful – Huskies are always up for an adventure! They love to stay active and are very high energy. It is crucial that they wear off their pent up energy daily. Agility training and vocational training are both great options to keep your pup active both physically and mentally!

Photo by: @the_huskyash

3. Medium Sized – In contrast to popular beliefs, Siberian Huskies are not huge dogs. They usually never weigh over 60 pounds. Although they look bigger, it’s usually their long luscious coat.

4. Great in a Multi-dog Family – Huskies are pack dogs. They love being surrounded by their own, and excel the most this way! They don’t usually prosper as much when being isolated away from other dogs. A Huskies true nature is being social.

Photo by: @maythehuskyyy

5. Not Actually Wolves – Despite having a very Wolf-like appearance, Huskies are not directly related to Wolves. There has been a lot of misconceptions about Siberian Huskies descendants. Their ancestors are no closer to the Wolf than any of breed.

6. They have “Special” Ways of Sleeping – If you have never watched a Husky sleep, Oh Boy, You are missing out. They can literally sleep in any position, in any area. During the cold winter months, the Husky is known to sleep in the Siberian Swirl position. This is not only cute, but helps keep the pup warm.

Photo by: @sofie.and.ollie

7. The Ultimate Eskimo – These fluffy pups were made for the cold climate! They are incredibly tenacious dogs, that can withstand freezing below zero temperatures. Siberian Huskies are sled dogs making them used to being in thick snow and blizzards.

8. They Howl More than Bark – Huskies are known for their super loud howling. They are masters at the Wolf howl. 9 times out of 10 when your Husky is vocal it won’t be a bark. Usually when they do this, they will sit down and point their long muzzle in the air. Resembling they’re doppelganger counterpart, the Wolf.

Photo by: @alaska_the_huskyy

9. Long Lifespan – We’ll never have enough time with our dogs, but the longer the better! Huskies have a predicted lifespan of 12 to 15 years. This is incredible for a medium sized dog. They are one of the healthier dog breeds.

10. Notorious Diggers – There are a few reasons why Huskies love to dig. First, it is a great way to burn some steam off if they are not getting proper exercise. So if you are not an active person, say goodbye to a nice landscaped yard. Second, in hotter climates Huskies dig to stay cool. The farther down you go, the cooler the ground is.

Photo by: @huskysec

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