Best Dog Toys of December 2019!

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With the holidays approaching, this is the perfect opportunity to find some great last minute toys for your pooch!

Lumabone Bacon flavored wishbone

“This bone is great because it will keep Genesis entertained for hours. It seems to calm her down and get her focused on one thing.”

Photo by: @genesis.gsd

KONG low stuff speckles pig

“I absolutely love the KONG low stuffed toys for my puppy, she is very hard on toys and these tend to last way longer than the usual brand. Plus there isn’t much stuffing so it doesn’t leave much of a mess!”

Photo by: @kyiathekorso

pet champion interactive durable dog rope toy

“Zuko loves his rope toys. They are great for fetch and tug of war but also seem like a security blanket that he likes to carry with him around the house.”

Photo by: @zuko_therottie


Dog mega rope toy

“Mavis loves chasing this rope and playing tug of war and it is my go to toy to play with if I want to tire her out! This rope toy is virtually indestructible and has been left in the rain and hot sun and is still like new. $7 from Kmart, this is a great value dog toy!”

Photo by: @whippet_of_oz

KONG funster ring dog toy

“It’s the perfect chew rope with a squeaky surprise! Great for his teething.”

Photo by: @ivar_thedoberman

KONG tug dog toy

Plain & simple on the advantages of this toy over a rope:

1. Can chew it like a rope without eating any rope!

2. Can play tug of war with any of his human friends.

3. Can turn into a treat by adding some peanut butter on it.

Photo by: @rax_attack


holiday tails ho ho hoot owl rope-center plush dog toy

“What is more amazing than a dog having a secret party with his cuddle buddies…… an owl, a reindeer, and a pickle.”

Photo by: @little.charmy.winston

jolly pets teaser ball

“The Jolly Ball is awesome because it’s a ball within a ball, so it sparks curiosity. It also holds up well to chewing! My dog loves it!”

Photo by: @loma_shepsky

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