When Your Dog Gets Old.

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Don’t we all wish our pets could live forever. OR at least longer than the 8 to 15 years we are granted with them. Heck, if you’ve made it past 10 your a lucky pet owner!

Although it’s inevitable, there are some surefire ways to prolong your pooches life.

We have collected the best tips for you, and even included some ways to prepare yourself for the worse!

Photo by: @baileyremixmix

Pay attention to what your feeding…

Any natural bonuses that you can incorporate into your dogs diet is a great place to start!

It is important to look for things to increase mobility, hip & joint health, and overall vitality.

Zesty Paws offers a variety of broth boosters, treats, and supplements to encourage a healthy dog.

Some of my favorites…

Senior Advanced 8-in-1 Multivitamin Bites

Mobility Broth Booster

Hemp Elements Salmon Oil

Consider using CBD or HEMP

With age comes the aches and pains of old bones. If your dog is struggling with any type of pain, CBD treats is a great way to alleviate the pain. It is also known to help decrease inflammation.

Photo by: @pawprints_and_grace

Accept the once, unacceptable.

Accidents are gonna happen, more often too. Your pups bladder isn’t what it used to be… Neither is their energy to get up. While they shouldn’t be wetting themselves every time they need to use the bathroom, don’t be surprised if you have to buy puppy pads again.

Photo by: @georgia_sweetpea

Keep them properly exercised.

Crucial to a dogs life, exercise keeps them healthy and active. One of the top causes of premature death in dogs is obesity. If you can keep their weight down, it’s for the better.

This is also a key sign of a happy dog that has plenty of years left to live! It’s always best to check with your vet about the perfect amount of exercise if you’re unsure. It’s pretty self-explanatory though, you don’t want to work your senior dog too hard! This isn’t good either.

Photo by: @remypoostinkypom

Invest in them!

There are many ways to invest in making life easier for your old dog. This also depends on which breed you have and what issues they are facing.

Dog Ramp – This can be extremely helpful for breeds that are prone to back problems. Usually smaller dogs will be the ones who need these ramps the most.

Common Breeds This Is Used For:

★ Dachshunds

★ Pembroke Welsh Corgis

★ Chihuahuas

★ Miniature Pinschers

Photo by: @bullyandtheweiner

Dog Lift Harness – More commonly used for larger dogs, this is great for mobility issues. It will allow your dog to still put pressure on their legs. You simply can maneuver or assist them walking by the handle on top. Also works great as a tool to help with rehabilitation after an injury.

Common Breeds This Is Used For:

★ German Shepherd Dog

★ Labrador Retriever

★ Golden Retriever

★ Doberman Pinscher

Photo by: @jetthetherapydog

Floor Mats – This is a super great idea for any breed at any age! Dogs are prone to slip on any hard floor surface. Especially tile and wood flooring. In older dogs, it’s more likely to cause a debilitating injury as well.

From my personal experience, I’ve had a senior dog slip and fall on my tile floor playing with another dog. She was paralyzed from the waist down. My family had to spend thousands on surgery and physical therapy, and still my dog wasn’t guaranteed to walk again.

If there’s one thing you take from this article, I hope it is this one. Just adding a couple more floor mats can really make a different in a dogs quality of life.

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