8 Ways You’re Unknowingly Harming Your Dog.

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1. Feeding them horrible ingredients.

Some dog food and treats contain terrible by-products and chemicals. Stay away from things like:

Meat and grain meals


Rendered fat


2. Not exercising your pet.

Dogs are very active animals who need stimulation. Depriving your dog of fun and exercise will shorten their life in the long run. It can also lead to obesity.

Photo by: @gunnerdobgsd

3. Not knowing when your older pup is playing too hard.

When your dog starts to age it is important that their bones are taken care of. Older dogs have a higher risk of hurting themselves. It’s important to supervise older dogs playing with younger puppies. Their energy levels are both very different and can lead to your older dog hurting themselves.

4. Avoiding the veterinarian.

We all know that the vet can be time consuming, expensive, and annoying. That doesn’t mean you don’t go. It is essential that every dog gets the proper vet care they need. You know your dog, and you know when somethings serious. Don’t second guess yourself!

Photo by: @thesaint.dirtygertie

5. Skipping out on your dogs teeth.

Dogs have teeth just like us. They require upkeep to prevent discomfort and diseases like gum disease or periodontal disease. Whether this means simple dry kibble to help keep plaque at bay, or more intense cleanings with professionals.

6. Ignore warning signs.

Your dog will let you know when somethings wrong. Whether it’s consistent wining or inconsistent bathroom breaks. You should always take your pets discomfort serious. They need you to help them!

Photo by: @genesis.gsd

7. Leaving your dog in the car alone.

This is a big no no! If you are going to do errands it’s best to take your dog inside with you or leave them at home. A parked car can increase 20 degrees every 10 minutes.

8. Not watching what your dog eats.

Leaving harmful foods out can lead to many trips to the vet. There are just some things you never want your pooch to eat. This includes: chocolate, alcohol, coffee, and grapes.

Photo by: @_bellathemaltese_

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