25 Top Yorkshire Terrier Girl Names.

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Photo by: @stella_mylittleyork

1. Stella – For the star in your life! It’s a great name for any yorkie. origin: Latin

2. Prudence – Meaning “good judgement.” This name is super unique! origin: Latin

3. Baby – For your baby sized pup! This name is very endearing. origin: American

4. Samoa – A great name for a dog that loves the ocean! origin: Samoan

Photo by: @samoa.yorkie

5. Claire – A very special name. This name means “famous.” origin: French

6. Bitsy – For a tiny girl. This is such a cute name! Also meaning “pledged to God.” origin: Hebrew

7. Jade – A beautiful name associated with the stunning green stone. origin: Latin

8. Esme – A great name that’s super unique! You won’t find another Esme in your life. origin: French

Photo by: @esmetheteacup

9. Biscuit – This cute pet name is perfect for your Yorkie! origin: American

10. Charity – For a beloved dog. A caring name with special meaning. origin: English

11. Button – So stinking adorable! A great common name for your girl. origin: American

12. Harlee – This unisex name is perfect if you’re not into super girly names. origin: English

Photo by: @harlee_yorkie_girl

13. Cupcake – Super sweet! A great name for any pup. origin: American

14. Trina – A simple name that great for training! Two syllable names are the best for dogs. origin: Scandinavian

15. Parker – This unisex name is so great for dogs! It’s more on the uncommon side. origin: English

16. Roxy – This adorable name means “dawn.” It’s suitable for any girl! origin: Persian

Photo by: @roxymalla

17. Pixie – Meaning “fairy.” A magical name for a Yorkshire Terrier! origin: Swedish

18. Khloe – A Goddess name for a spoiled puppy! origin: Greek

19. Thumbelina – Meaning “small.” This is so cute for such a small breed. origin: English

20. Ashlee – A unique spin on a popular name. This is a very natural name. origin: English

21. Honey – A sweet name for a sweet girl! Honey is a very endearing name. origin: English

Photo by: @honey_12.12

22. Jasmine – Just like the princess! This name is fitting for a spoiled puppy! origin: Persian

23. Penelope – Another Goddess name. It can be used with many nicknames: Penny, Pen, Nelly, P etc. origin: Greek

24. Luisa – A name for a pretty girl. origin: Latin

25. Morgan – A strong name for a tough cookie! I love this cute name. origin: English

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