Incredible Facts About the Bluetick Coonhound That Will Make You Want One!

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Photo by: @leaveittobentley

This mesmerizing breed is one of a kind!

1. Fast and Muscular.

The Bluetick Coonhound has an extremely muscular body. Their weight can range from 45 to 100 pounds. What a drastic difference! Known for being speedy and vigilant they use this to their advantage.

2. Gorgeous Coat!

This breed has a beautiful tri-color coat. It’s a short coat that is black spotted with hints of brown. Their striking coat makes them stand out from other breeds.

Photo by: @sassy.harper

Photo by: @bluetickhugo

3. A Southern Bell!

Originated in Louisiana, the Bluetick Coonhound dates back to the colonial days! They are recognized as a big deal in the South too! Smokey the Bluetick Coonhound is the mascot for the University of Tennesee.

4. Cold Nose.

For any dog this is unusual. While most dogs have a warm nose, the Bluetick Coonhound is rightfully known for their cold nose. Their nose is also used for hunting as well.

Photo by: @roxythebluetick

5. Incredible Hunters.

These dogs were bred for hunting! They were specifically bred to hunt raccoons, but they chase many small animals.

6. Low Grooming.

No need to worry on expensive trimmings and washings. This breed never needs a trim! They are content with weekly brushing. If there’s only one thing you should be consistent with, it’s cleaning their ears! Bluetick’s are prone to ear infections.

Photo by: @buck.the.bluetick

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What I Love About the Australian Shepherd.

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Photo by: @aussie_ringo


Cowboy’s choice.

This breed is an incredible herding dog! The Australian Shepherd is descended from one of the best herding dogs of all time.


Super smart!

These pups are incredibly intelligent! They are considered working dogs and you can tell why! Aussies can outsmart many people, so it’s best to always think one step ahead.

Photo by: @aussie.fever


They have beautiful eyes!

These pups have incredibly amazing eyes! They are usually very pale or light colored. Some Aussies even have heterochromia. This is when your eyes are two different colors.


Sacred to the Native Americans.

The Australian Shepherd was held very high in the eyes of the Native Amercians. They refereed to the breed as the “ghost eye.”

Photo by: @bourbytheaussie


Super playful pups!

Aussies have a lot of energy. They are always up to play! Their working nature makes them excited about training and exercise.

Photo by: @sienna_theaussie


They are incredibly beautiful!

With coat colors that include: Black, Blue Mere, Red, and Red Merle you can’t go wrong! They also have a luscious coat that is so soft.

Photo by: @coronatheaussie

5 Things Only Maltese Owners Understand.

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Photo by: @maltese_luna19


OMG Your Dog is SOOOOOO Cute!

There’s no denying this! Your used to being stopped in public for your adorable little pooch, odds are you probably like it now. These little fur balls attract a lot of attention, and everyone wants to know what breed it is.


It’s A Lot of Grooming!

With gorgeous fur like Maltese’s, there is work to be done! Daily brushing is a must to help keep their luscious fur from getting tangled and matted. You also should pay close attention to hair getting in their eyes. Frequent cleaning of the eyes is very important!

Photo by: @maltese_anniemarie


They’re Up For a Challenge.

The Maltese is not lazy by any means! They love to play and work for their treats. It’s good to find interactive toys for them to figure out! They will definitely appreciate it.


Not a HUGE Shedder.

Surprisingly, this breed does not shed dramatically. Their long fur is more hair like, so it’s also better for people with allergies. This is a big bonus and sometimes have a deciding factor in the type of dog people chose.


They Just Don’t Like Doing Their Business Outside.

This breed is notorious for being difficult to potty train. Whether it’s pure stubbornness or a lack on understanding, you’ll agree it probably took longer to get them up to speed.

Photo by: @shirokumaltese

The Joy of Owning a Labradoodle!

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Photo by:

This fun breed is known for many amazing features!

Enjoy our breakdown of this Poodle Labrador mix.

They come in 3 different sizes!

Miniature – Between 14 and 16 inches, and weigh between 15 to 25 pounds.

Medium – Between 17 and 20 inches, and weigh between 30 to 45 pounds.

Standard – Between 21 and 24 inches, and weigh between 50 to 65 pounds.

Perfect for the family!

They have an awesome temperament, and are usually easy going. Labradoodles are easily bothered and get along with everyone! This happy breed makes life even better.

Not a big shedder.

The Labradoodle is known for having very curly hair, similar to a Poodle. Even though this can vary, they usually are too bad in the shedding department!

Photo by: @kevinisadoodle

The best of both worlds!

This Labrador Retriever Poodle mix is one of the more common mixed breed dogs! They get their coat from the Poodle, and sometimes their color from the Labrador Retriever. This means there are endless color combinations for this pup! From tan to black, and everything in between.

The brainiac breed!

Extra ordinarily smart is an understatement! These pups are among one of the smartest dogs known. They get their brains from both breeds! Training goes quick and is a breeze.


Photo by: @pistachiothepuppy

10 Things You Will Understand If You Own A Cane Corso.

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Photo by: @canecorso_bronx.and.jeter


Your bed is their bed.

These tough dogs love to be close to their loved ones. Their sensitive nature makes them great cuddlers!


Your used to the drooling by now.

Any time there is a snack around, you’re already prepared for the waterfall. This is part of their begging tactics.

Photo by: @lacey.corso


Your knight in shining armor.

The Cane Corso is an extremely protective breed. They will be right by your side to the very end!


They will out run you in seconds.

These pups are immensely quick and agile. They have been known to out run even the fastest of runners!


Photo by: @corso_velvet


No, not a Pitbull.

While we love Pitbulls, it can get kind of annoying having to explain our pup isn’t one. Although they are both in the mastiff group, Cane Corso’s tend to be bigger.


We avoid taking them near small animals.

Distracted is an understatement when it comes to the Cane Corso’s need to chase small animals. Their prey drive is very high and any small squirrel or bird will send them bolting!

Photo by: @morris_and_wesley


They are always themselves.

Cane Corso owners know just how fun-loving this breed is. They never fail to put a smile on your face!


We have to be convincing if they aren’t interested in doing something.

Persuasion is a trick every Cano Corso owner has mastered. But don’t worry, it gets easier I promise.


Photo by: @canecorso.zeus.medusa


Stuck like glue.

A Cane Corso’s number 1 priority in life is to spend time with family. They love the comfort and serenity of being around those they love.


A dog with an ego.

These dogs are beautiful and they know it. They have a regal appearance that screams confidence.

10 Things Great Pyrenees Are Known For.

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Photo by: @capecod.greatpyr

Naturally Protective

The Great Pyrenees was bred as a livestock guardian dog. This gives them the will to protect their owners. Their everlasting loyalty is one solid trait in all Pyrenees.

Photo by: @summit_the_greatpyr

Royauté de France

This breed was popularized in France during the Renaissance. They were owned by many French royals. The Great Pyrenees was valued so much for their intense scents of smell and hearing.

Photo by: @clouddapup

Smarty Pants

These working dogs are very intelligent. They are incredibly observational and catch on quickly to things. There willingness to learn makes them easier to train!

Photo by: @fauxfarmfixer


Gigantic Pups

The Great Pyrenees weighs anywhere from 85 to 140 pounds! They are very large, and their thick luscious coat only adds to their size. They are known as one of the largest mountain dogs.

Photo by: @cha_cha_great_pyrenees

Your Mellow Mate

The breed is known to be very calm and patient. This means they are good with kids. Don’t mistake them for easy-going though, they can spring into action in a split second if needed!

Photo by: @ranger_tails

Low Maintenance Coat

Surprisingly, the Great Pyrenees doesn’t require tons of grooming needs. Their double coat is tangle and dirt resistant. Brushing is the only thing you will want to keep up on. This will help with the shedding.

Photo by: @danielleannreim

The Perfect Cuddler

Don’t let these strong beasts fool you, they love snuggling up with their loved ones. There’s plenty of warmth to go around! This breed is especially affectionate and will show you all the time.

Photo by: @maybelles_great_adventures

Ancient Pooch

The first known remains of the Great Pyrenees date back to the Bronze Age. We’re talking 1800-1000 BC! Now that’s some serious history. They didn’t appear in the United States until 1824 though.

Photo by: @saycheese_brie


Snow White Coat

The breed standard for this pup includes a white or mostly white coat. It is not uncommon to see markings on their coat. Grey, reddish brown, and tan are the most frequently seen colors.

Photo by: @dss.luna

Great In Cold Climates

Their thick coat helps keep them warm in harsh winter weather. They have a double coat especially for the winter. The usually shed it by spring to lighten up for the warmer months.

Photo by: @eloisethegreatpyrenees

Basenji: About the Breed.

Photo by: @harvey_thebasenjidog


“Barkless” Dog.

The Basenji is known as the barkless dog from Africa. This is because the breed tends not to bark. They “howl or scream” instead. So they definitely aren’t silent! They can also yodel and it sounds quite pleasant.


Originally from the Congo.

This ancient dog breed has been around since the Egyptians. They are believed to be from Central Africa. So in between the Congo Basin and South Sudan. They are considered a hound breed and were used originally for hunting.

Photo by: @basenji_franky



Very stubborn breed!

These dogs definitely have a mind of their own! They are incredibly intelligent and have a rebellious streak. Don’t be surprised if they don’t listen to you. This also makes them a little bit more difficult to train, but not impossible. The Basenji doesn’t have the “eager to please” mindset like a lot of other breeds.


Extremely playful.

The Basenji loves to play and will play for hours! They enjoy long walks and exercise. Enrolling them in dog sports is a great way to unleash their energy and build more muscle. They generally are a more muscular dog with less fat.

Photo by: @basenji_maru


They have a feline philosophy.

The Basenji is a short haired dog that is surprisingly clean! They tend to lick themselves clean just like a cat, and do not require frequent bathing. They have a lot of similarities to cats. Consider how you feel about cats before getting a Besenji.


An escape artist!

These pups have a high prey drive and love to chase small animals. They will break through and climb out of anything if they are distracted enough! Don’t rely on electric fences to keep your Basenji contained.

Why I Love Catahoula Leopard Dogs.

Photo by: @harperleethecur

Photo by: @paws_that_wander


The Catahoula Leopard Dog is an American dog breed. Originating from the swamps of Louisiana, they get their name from the Catahoula Lake. This breed is used for hunting game and are often called “hog dogs.”


They have a wide range of coat colors and lengths. Usually, they have a short to medium fur length. The Catahoula Leopard Dog is also commonly known for their “spotted” coat. Some coat colors include:

  • Black
  • Brindle
  • Red Merle
  • Black Merle
  • Yellow
  • Red

Photo by: @kora.the.catahoula



This breed is incredibly intelligent. They will need a lot of mental and physical stimulation to release their energy. They also love to work and would benefit from having a job to do! These dogs can handle vigorous exercise and will love you for it.


They have some of the prettiest eyes I’ve ever seen! The Catahoula Leopord Dog is known for having striking eyes, and multi colored eyes. Their eyes can range from solid light blue to having one brown and one blue eye! This is called Heterochromia. The most popular eye color for them is a very light blue, almost looking white or grey.

Photo by: @catahulacrazy


These pups are light shedders. Compared to your German Shepherd or Poodle, they are a breeze! Since Catahoulas have a short coat, shedding isn’t all that bad. Brushing will also keep this as bay.


The Catahoula Leopard Dog is a great watch dog! Not many people know this, because they are usually talked about for their hunting abilities. They are very wary of strangers and have a territorial instinct.


Photo by: @kimbergephart


They are a healthy breed. Every dog will have it’s problems, but generally, Catahoulas are not prone to many diseases or life threatening conditions. With a proper diet and exercise, you can expect your pal to live for 10 to 14 years.


The perfect size. If you don’t have the patience for a big dog, and aren’t really fond of small ones either; the Catahoula might be just right for you! They are considered a medium size dog. They can weigh anywhere from 30 to 60 pounds. The males are usually a little bigger than the females.

The Joy of Owning a Rottweiler.

Photo by: @kali_therottie

If you think their heads are big, you should see their H E A R T!


Originates in Germany.

Surprisingly, the Rottweiler was used for cattle driving in Germany. They earned their name from a cattle town named Rottweil. Descended from a mastiff looking breed, they were created by the Romans through different breeding.


One coat breed standard.

There is only one color marking for the standard Rottweiler. They are mostly black with brown markings. These brown marks appear on several different parts of the Rottweiler’s body. This includes their face, paws, and chest. This leaves their back to be solid black. This makes the Rottweiler very easily to identify!

Photo by: @harpotherotti


super strong breed.

From their legs to their jaw, these pups are strong! Rottweilers have an incredibly powerful bite. With a bite force of around 330 pounds, they are stronger than most Pit bulls and German Shepherds. Since they are muscular dogs; Rottweilers require intensive exercise.


A confident companion.

These dogs are known to be brave and confident. They are aware of their abilities and are not afraid to show them off! They do not shy away from intruders and will put them in their place. With a confident dog, comes a stubborn side. Rottweilers are known to have strong temperaments. It is important to be consistent with training and teach your Rottie who’s in charge.


Photo by: @rufus_the_rotti


For the large breed lover!

There’s no doubt the Rottweiler is a big dog. They can range anywhere from 77 pounds to 135 pounds. Usually the males are a little heavier than the females. This means they will need some space to let their paws up! While apartment living is not ideal for them, it depends on your lifestyle. With consistent mind and body stimulation, a smaller space can work for these beasts.


they have your back.

Rotties are known for their protective instinct. Bonding close with their families, these dogs will go to the ends of the earth to do right by their master. In recent years, they have been bred as guard dogs. This increases their guarding instinct and makes them superb protectors!

Photo by: @bodieandakira.the.rottweilers


the cutest pup you ever did see.

This breed definitely turns heads. They have a beautiful short coat that is very shiny. As well as a remarkable chocolate coloring that’s one of a kind! Their muscular bodies make them look fierce and regal. Rottweilers have the cutest faces as well! A mastiff like snout that’s scrunched in and a wide mouth. This gives them an endearing smile. Whether a puppy or adult, they make the best breed!


loving by nature.

Sometimes this breed gets mistaken as aggressive or violent. This is not the case at all, unless they have been abused or improperly trained. They really are big softies when it comes to the people they love. Rottweilers don’t mind a cuddle session or kiss fest and may even initiate one! They are big lovers and will show you in many unique ways.


Photo by: @ryder_the_rottweiler


enjoy being around people.

The Rottweiler is a social dog that loves being around people and other animals! They enjoy every second of company time and can’t wait for more. These dogs do not do well being caged for long periods of time. They also prefer to be in a pack, so alone time is not recommended.


a quiet breed.

Barking is not a big part of a Rottweilers personality. They are usually quiet, calm dogs. Their vocalization is limited to only getting the attention of their owners and warning possible threats of themselves. They do have an impressively deep bark and will alert you to trouble.

The Beagle: A Man’s Best Friend.

Photo by: @charli.the.beagle

” A home is not complete without the pitter-patter of Beagle feet!”


A great first dog!

The Beagle is a very gentle dog that is easily controlled. Their small stature makes them perfect for older owners and children. They are extremely friendly dogs and get along well with mostly everyone! The Beagle is a great option if you have never owned a dog before.


English hunting dog.

These pups were originally bred to track small animals. They are considered scent hounds and use their nose when seeking prey. Modern beagles are now used as detection dogs and are brilliant at it!

Photo by: @evadivabeagle


A light shedder.

Due to their short coat, Beagles are on the lighter side of shedders. They have a double coat that can get thicker in the colder months. It is always a good idea to brush your pooch at least once a week. This will guarantee minimal coat loss.


Ready to play!

For a small dog, these pups have loads of energy. They are working dogs who love to be challenged. They enjoy using their canine senses as much as they can! Your Beagle would benefit from daily walks or hikes. This will give them the opportunity to explore new smells and sounds. These dogs do not do well being alone for long periods of time. They will show signs of restlessness and destruction if not properly exercised.

“I love the breed as they are so loving and mischievous. They can be a handful if not stimulated, but they love to work and learn new things. This is rewarding for not only them but the owner as well!”

Photo by: @daisythebeagle___


The pocket Beagle is extincted.

This miniature Beagle is around five to six inches smaller than the traditional Beagle. They were first introduced in the 1400’s by Queen Elizabeth. She was notorious for owning several pocket Beagles. Unfortunately, the original bloodline of the breed is now no longer. Any variation to the Beagle now will not be an original pocket Beagle.



The breed standard.

Naturally all Beagles have floppy ears. They are usually un-proportional to their body, but that’s what make them so cute! They use their ears a lot to track down smaller prey. Their coats are relatively short and flat. The acceptable coat color is listed as any type of hound coloring.

This includes:

  • Lemon and White
  • White and Tan
  • Tri-color
  • Chocolate Tri-color
  • White and Chocolate
  • Orange and White
  • Red and White

Photo by: @obi_azar_the_beagle


Very food driven.

These cuties love their treats! Beagles are known to eat… A LOT. There is not much a Beagle won’t do for a snack. This can end up being your furry friends downfall though. Beagles are prone to obesity. This can get out of control quickly if proper actions aren’t taken. It is recommended that Beagles should be on a high protein diet with lots of exercise. They are also prone to developing fatty tumors when they are overweight.


Little dog. Big bark.

Shocking to most people this tiny hound has an echoing howl. The beagle is known as one of the louder breeds. They just like to express themselves more often. In French, Beagle closely means “loudmouth.” Very fitting for this cute pup!