German Shepherds: The Land Shark

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This beautiful breed is very interesting and unique! Here are some facts you probably didn’t know.


They need constant stimuli.

The German Shepherd is a very intense working dog. They are constantly using their mind. These dogs would highly benefit from mental and physical activity and are eager to please! This breed should never be left alone for too long, because they tend to get bored easily. Believe me, you do not want to see what a bored German Shepherd will do to your house!


Your dream guard dog!

This dog was bred to be very protective. German Shepherds are one of the original K9 police dogs. They have a courageous streak built into them and will stop at no end to defend their territory. It is crucial to socialize them as puppies so they do not become too protective over non-threats.

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Can adapt to city living.

Surprisingly enough, this large breed is suited to live in an apartment! They will need a lot of exercise to burn off their energy. Daily walks along with running, swimming, agility training, and mind stimulating games will help keep your pup happy and healthy! It is a good idea to check with your apartments pet policy before committing to a German Shepherd dog.


Easily maintained coat.

There are a variety of different coat lengths and colors with the German Shepherd. For the most part their shiny coat comes with only a few requirements. Choosing a high quality dog food will help to keep the coat moisturized and healthy. Adding fish oil to your dogs diet can make a huge impact as well! They also require frequent brushing. This minimizes shedding and will keep their coat from looking dull. Also these dogs do not need to be bathed that often! Adjust their bathing to their lifestyle and how often they actually get dirty. With such a beautiful coat you’d think more work would be required!

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Photo by: @shep.gsd


The definition of a service dog!

The German Shepherd was the first dog trained in leading the blind in 1920. These dogs have such a high desire to learn, nothing is impossible for them! These dogs have helped give back freedom to many people with disabilities. They are also used as: Autism service dogs, seizure alert dogs, PTSD service dogs, diabetic alert dogs etc.


They love you unconditionally!

One of the most affectionate breeds with their owners. Despite their weariness of strangers, they love their people! Expect them to be by your side every step of the way. Whether that be to the bathroom or to the mailbox, they are there! This means they are also prone to separation anxiety. If your job requires you gone over eight hours a day, maybe this isn’t the breed for you.


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Prone to hip dysplasia.

This painful disease is when the hip socket is loose and causes abnormal formation. It can happen at all stages of life but is more common as the dog gets older. This is one of the top health issues that German Shepherds face due to their large size. Hip dysplasia can prevent a dog from being as active as they once were. There are many helpful ways to treat the pain and prohibit the arthritis from getting worse, but usually surgery is the best option if medication doesn’t work.


Your hero!

These brave pups are known for their heroic attitude. Being one of the top military dogs comes with a lot of responsibility! This twelve year old German Shepherd named Lucca actually won a Dickin medal for her devotion to her troops! She was wounded while searching for explosives. Luckily, this courageous pup survived to receive her honorable medal!

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The Truth about the Labrador Retriever.

Life is Better with a Lab!

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Labrador Retrievers: Your automatic best friend.

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Adaptable in any family!

The Labrador Retriever is a very easy-going dog. They can get along with anyone and are great with children of any age! Labs are considered the best family companion. Their is no second guessing this dogs devotion to his family.


Wonderful swimmers.

No denying theses dogs in the water! The Lab is known for its double coat and webbed feet that make swimming an easy task. Their coat is also water-repellent to help them stay dry.


Photo by: @puppy_win


Popular pup!

This breed was ranked the #1 Most Popular Dog Breed by the American Kennel Club five years in a row! Labs are known for their bulky bodies and broad neck. There are not many places you can take these pups without knowing what breed they are.


Prone to obesity.

The Labrador Retriever can get a little carried away when it comes to food! It is not recommended that these dogs be on a free feeding diet. They need a controlled diet with high quality food! It is also very important that they get daily exercise to regulate their muscles.

Photo by: @sophia_the_blacklab


They are very energetic!

A walk will not suffice this pup. These working dogs are retrievers! They enjoy hunting and are excellent in many different training activities. Swimming is another one of their favorite things to do; this helps keep them in shape.


Amazing service pets.

Labradors’ are one of the most common service animals in the United States. These pups have an eager to please attitude like no other! They are commonly leading dogs and diabetic alert dogs.

Photo by: @theunofficialhank



Canadian born, Great Britain raised.

The Labrador Retriever was first discovered by the British. When they discovered what a great breed the Lab was, they migrated them from their homeland in Canada to Britain. This is when the breed started growing in popularity and evolving.


A social butterfly!

These pups will greet you with a smile and a tail wag every time! They love all things (people and animals alike.) Labrador Retrievers’ have a good-nature and are very involved with their owners.

Photo by: @rosie_lab_life

10 Adorable Things About Alaskan Malamutes!

Photo by: @gracie_alusky

1. They are F L U F F Y!

These pups have a long thick coat to keep them warm in harsh climates! If you own a Malamute you probably are used to the fur by now! Shedding is impossible to avoid, but can be maintained by frequent brushing. They have two major sheddings a year so be prepared for that.

2. Larger than their Siberian Husky relatives!

Alaskan Malamutes may look like Siberian Huskies, but don’t be mistaken! These breeds are very different. The reasoning behind Malamutes being bigger goes back centuries. Being used as sled dogs, the Alaskan Malamute was bred to pull larger loads than the Husky. The Husky might arrive first to the destination because of it’s slenderness, but the Malamute can pull twice a Huskies heaviest load!

Photo by: @mowiethemalamute

3. Not much of a barker.

Malamutes rarely bark. The sound they make instead is a howl. They aren’t very vocal dogs though, only expressing themselves if they need something. This is perfect if you aren’t a fan of loud dogs. When you hear your Malamute’s bark, it’s probably for a very good reason!

4. An independent and willful breed!

The Alaskan Malamute is one of the strongest willed breeds! These dogs are used to being in charge and are relatively alpha dogs in packs of other breeds. They tend to have a very strong drive to get what they want. As well as being one of the best escape artists since Houdini! With the proper training and patience this can be worked on.

Photo by: @malamuteandshepherd

5. Made for the North Pole!

These dogs do the best in freezing cold temperatures. Alaskan Malamutes are bred for cold, rigged climates. With such a long coat, keeping them in warm climates will require a lot of maintenance. They should always have a shady area with drinking water available to them when outside, and should never be left alone outside for longer than an hour. On especially hot days, it is important to keep them in the air conditioning.

6. These dogs migrated a lot.

These sled dogs were first introduced in Siberia, where they traveled to Alaska with their Tribe Mahlemut. The earliest signs of this breed date back to 3,000 years ago. Their primary job was to haul large quantities of goods and items to different far away villages as they traveled. Mals are considered one of the oldest domesticated dogs, because they had such a strong relationship with their people.

Photo by: @kobi_malamute

7. Was a war dog in WWI and WWII.

Everyone should pay these dogs high respect for the great work they have done over the past years. These sled dogs helped a great deal during the war. They were mostly used as search and rescue dogs during the war and were very successful at it! These dogs were also very efficient at transporting goods during this time as well.

8. Very agile dogs!

Since the beginning of the Alaskan Malamute, they have been working dogs. They have always had a job to do. Now, the modern Mal is no longer a sled dog, they can still burn off energy in a fun way through training! These pups excel in many different types of training including: agility training, weight pulling, packing, etc. It’s a good idea to get them into something to keep their mind and body busy! There is nothing worse than a bored Malamute.

Photo by: @scoutthemalamute

9. Not for the bachelor pad.

Generally, these dogs do not do well with apartment living. They are a big dog that needs a lot of space. It’s okay if you don’t have acres of land, but they need an outdoor space of their own. Since they are a very active breed, small spaces can be tough for the Malamute to feel comfortable in.

10. Big cuddle bears!

If you ever need a cuddle buddy, look no further! Your furry friend will be more than happy to cuddle up next to you. Alaskan Malamutes are known to be very affectionate and loyal to their owners. Dating back to their sled dog days, they were considered to be part of the Tribe and were treated as such. They make the perfect snuggler because of their giant size and long coat.

Best of Border Collies.

“A house without a Border Collie is clean, quiet, and tidy……. BUT NOT HOME!

– Anonymous

Photo by: @patchy_the_bordiecollie

A wide variety of colors!

The Border Collie can have several different coat colors! They have one of the largest ranges for a breed standard. All coats colors are beautiful, but here are a few!

Black & WhiteBlue Merle TricolorBrown & White
Photo by: @brodiecolliePhoto by: @the.great.stormmPhoto by: @bordercolliemaxi

One of the smartest breeds.

An amazingly gifted dog is an under-statement! These pups are excellent with training and understand more than the regular dog. They require a lot of mental stimulation to keep them occupied. Some might say they are “workaholics!”

Photo by: @sammiethebordercollie

Great herding dogs!

Border Collies were meant to be working dogs, especially herding. They are incredible athletes and need to be exercised daily. These pups have a high energy level and are great in agility also!

Photo by: @rex_thebordercollie_2015

Recognized as a breed at the end of the 20th century!

It wasn’t until 1995 that the Border Collie earned it’s breed title. They were a little late to the party ranking as the 139th breed! They definitely have gained more popularity over the years than some other breeds. It is no surprise that you can spot them instantly!

Photo by: @carolacoster

Loyal until the end.

Commitment runs deep in the veins of a Border Collie! These dogs are dedicated to succeeding and put their all into everything they do! Their hard working characteristic makes them a dedicated dog.

Photo by: @olimybordercollie

10 Facts About the Siberian Husky.

An amazing dog with amazing qualities.

Photo by: @trrrosky

1. Escape Artist – These dogs can find their way out of anything! Make sure to never leave any door, crate, or window unsupervised. They love to figure things out and will even weasel themselves out of the smallest of spaces.

2. Super Playful – Huskies are always up for an adventure! They love to stay active and are very high energy. It is crucial that they wear off their pent up energy daily. Agility training and vocational training are both great options to keep your pup active both physically and mentally!

Photo by: @the_huskyash

3. Medium Sized – In contrast to popular beliefs, Siberian Huskies are not huge dogs. They usually never weigh over 60 pounds. Although they look bigger, it’s usually their long luscious coat.

4. Great in a Multi-dog Family – Huskies are pack dogs. They love being surrounded by their own, and excel the most this way! They don’t usually prosper as much when being isolated away from other dogs. A Huskies true nature is being social.

Photo by: @maythehuskyyy

5. Not Actually Wolves – Despite having a very Wolf-like appearance, Huskies are not directly related to Wolves. There has been a lot of misconceptions about Siberian Huskies descendants. Their ancestors are no closer to the Wolf than any of breed.

6. They have “Special” Ways of Sleeping – If you have never watched a Husky sleep, Oh Boy, You are missing out. They can literally sleep in any position, in any area. During the cold winter months, the Husky is known to sleep in the Siberian Swirl position. This is not only cute, but helps keep the pup warm.

Photo by: @sofie.and.ollie

7. The Ultimate Eskimo – These fluffy pups were made for the cold climate! They are incredibly tenacious dogs, that can withstand freezing below zero temperatures. Siberian Huskies are sled dogs making them used to being in thick snow and blizzards.

8. They Howl More than Bark – Huskies are known for their super loud howling. They are masters at the Wolf howl. 9 times out of 10 when your Husky is vocal it won’t be a bark. Usually when they do this, they will sit down and point their long muzzle in the air. Resembling they’re doppelganger counterpart, the Wolf.

Photo by: @alaska_the_huskyy

9. Long Lifespan – We’ll never have enough time with our dogs, but the longer the better! Huskies have a predicted lifespan of 12 to 15 years. This is incredible for a medium sized dog. They are one of the healthier dog breeds.

10. Notorious Diggers – There are a few reasons why Huskies love to dig. First, it is a great way to burn some steam off if they are not getting proper exercise. So if you are not an active person, say goodbye to a nice landscaped yard. Second, in hotter climates Huskies dig to stay cool. The farther down you go, the cooler the ground is.

Photo by: @huskysec

Why Great Danes Make Great Pets!

The Gentle Giant.

Photo by: @great_dane_atlas

1. Mild-mannered

What a joy to live with! The Great Dane is known for being very gentle. Despite their enormous size, these pups are great with children of any size or age. They are definitely lovers not fighters.

2. Your best bud

Great Danes have a way into your heart like no other! These giants will make you believe in love at first sight. Being classified as one of the friendliest breeds, Great Danes hold true to this. Whether you are hanging out on the couch or in the backyard, you can guarantee they will be right by your side.

Photo by: @enormousdoofus

3. Sleek & Stunning build

Ranging anywhere from 100 to 200 pounds, they are pure muscle! Their huge body makes them very unique and noble looking. These dogs have a slender head and long neck. They naturally have floppy ears, but it is common for them to be surgically trimmed. Danes can reach a resting height (on all fours) of 30 to 34 inches tall.

4. Guard dog

Because of their daunting appearance and size, they are likely to scare away any intruding without using aggression. Many people do not want to mess with a dog twice their size. Their deep bark also comes in handy to not only alert you of visitors, but as a warning to visitors.

Their giant size is outweighed by the giant amounts of affection they have for their humans & their crazy goofy personalities will make you laugh everyday.”


5. Kissing Machine

This breed is known for being exceptionally affectionate with their humans. From giving big slobbery kisses to being that 100 pound lap dog you always wanted! This is also what makes them awesome with children. No matter who you are, your Great Dane will always love you.

6. Your active partner

Exercise does the body good, especially for Great Danes. These pups love to be active. They are super speedy runners and love to play. Even if you aren’t big on exercise, these pups will bring it out of you. You’ll end up loving to play fetch or spend a day hiking with your Dane!

Photo by: @ayyypoppy

7. Minimal grooming needs

If you are not in the market to spend a fortune on grooming your pet, you might want to consider a Great Dane. With their short velvet coat, bathing is not frequent. They will do just fine with daily brushing. This will also minimize any shedding.

They’re so compassionate and in tune with their people. If you’re ever feeling down, you always have someone to lean on… literally.”


8. Selfless dogs

These dogs will do anything for their owners! Including extinguishing a bomb. In 1941, Juliana the Great Dane found a bomb had been dropped into her families home. Taking quick action, she immediately urinated on the bomb putting out the fire. This noble act of pure courage won her a Blue Cross medal. This doesn’t end her heroic streak! Again, in 1944 she had discovered a fire in the families shoe shop. She urgently went to alert her owners. This awarded her a second Blue Cross medal and probably A LOT of treats!

Photo by: @tito.the.greatest.dane

9. Smarty pants

Don’t let their goofy stature fool you! These colossus dogs are very smart. They were originally bred for hunting wild boar but have evolved since then. Their sense of smell and hearing is out of this world! Great Danes respond very well to positive reinforcement training and are eager to please. They can however be stubborn if they feel you are being to harsh, because they are one of the more sensitive breeds.

10. Loyal companions

Want a fur-ever friend? These pups are mightily devoted to their family! They will never turn on you, and will protect you at all costs. They have a natural instinct to protect and love their families with everything they have. You will never find another breed quite like the Great Dane.

Photo by: maestro_the_great_dane

Vizsla: An Underrated Breed.

“The Velcro Dog.”

1. Energetic

These pups are a part of the sporting dog club and are considered working dogs. Their high activity level makes them perfect for an agile person. They are very interested in the outdoors and love to explore. One of their favorite activities is running. They are known to be speedy sprinters!

2. Prone to Separation Anxiety

Vizslas adore their families and have a hard time being alone. They are more sensitive to this than other breeds. The key to preventing separation anxiety is nipping it in the bud early. It is advised that you start working with your pup on this within the first couple months of life. In addition, letting your Vizsla burn off some pent up energy can prevent them from becoming destructive in the home.

Photo by: @birdietheredvizsla

3. Low Maintenance Coat

Their short hair makes it easy to quickly wash and dry them. They have a reputation of being one of the only self cleaning dogs. They very rarely need a bath and can be cleaned from dirt and mud with a wet towel. Also, their short coat makes for less shedding. Although they still do shed, it is manageable. They do not require expensive grooming visits or daily brushing.

4. Uncommon Breed

Compared to other breeds like the Golden Retriever or German Shepherd, these pups are pretty unconventional family pets. Not because they don’t make wonderful dogs, but because they are less common in shelters and pet stores. This will attract a lot of positive attention towards you and your furiend.

Photo by: @lifewith_ricky

5. Talented Hunting Dogs

Originating in Hungary, these dogs were bred to hunt and point out prey. In addition, they are also used to retrieve. In the Cold War, the military used Vizslas to deliver messages. It is not recommended that they live in a house with small animals due to their high prey drive. Of course this is different for every dog.

6. A New Family Member

Vizslas are known to be extremely affectionate dogs. They make great companions! While they love to be active, they also love to climb into your lap and snuggle afterwards. They quickly find their place in the family. There is no truer friend than a Vizsla!

Photo by: @arthur.vizsla

All About the Cocker Spaniel.

Photo by: @cocker_indi

There are two types of spaniels: English Cocker Spaniel and American Cocker Spaniel. Both equally as cute, these dogs are a fantastic breed with many great qualities about them.

These dogs are happy-go-lucky!

They are known to always be excited and optimistic about everything. In recent years, they have gained the attention of many families and make the perfect all around family pet. With their cute floppy ears and magical eyes what’s not to be happy about?

Photo by: @chloe_thecockerspaniel_

Their gentle nature makes them awesome as pets for kids.

The laid-back Cocker Spaniel rarely shows aggression toward other animals or people. They are super chill and have no desire to assert their dominance. They are the perfect dog for a new family and make great first pets for children. Teaching responsibility without being out of control.

These long coat cuties do have grooming requirements.

There is always a price to pay for the beautiful things in life. These dogs require daily brushing from the start of their life. The younger you start the grooming process the easier it will get for you and your dog. It is important that you maintain their grooming as well, because it can become a problem later. If you do not have the time to take care of their grooming sending them to a professional groomer is also an option.

Photo by: @chloe_thecockerspaniel_

They only need moderate exercise.

If you’re not the active type, the Cocker Spaniel is the dog for you! These dogs are sufficient with a walk around the neighborhood. Every dog needs to burn off energy, so it is important that they receive daily exercise. They most likely will not tire you out. If they do, you better be ready for hours of cuddles!

These dogs are as smart as can be!

Since Cocker Spaniels love to please people, they are very trainable pets. They are considered a highly intelligent breed. It is easy for them to learn new commands, taking only a small round of repetition. This means with the right strategies, you can teach your pup loads of cool tricks in the matter of weeks!

Photo by: @cocker_noah

Small in size, but big in heart!

Belonging to the sporting dog breed group, they are considered the smallest of their group. Standing only fourteen to seventeen inches tall, they are the perfect lap dog! They also adapt very well to apartment life. These dogs do not require much space and usually only weigh between twenty-four and twenty-eight pounds.

They do have health risks.

While the Cocker Spaniel is generally a pretty healthy dog, they do have faults within their genetics. They are at a high risk for several eye problem including: progressive retinal atrophy , cataracts , and glaucoma. Please do not worry though! With proper cleaning and diet, along with regular vet visits this most likely won’t be an issue.

Photo by: @cockerspaniel.reggie

What I Love About Dachshunds.

Your typical wiener dog. Full of life and full of joy! These pups are a super common family pet. They even made it on the American Kennel Club’s top 10.

Photo by: @littlecheese12


Despite their small size, these hot dogs are known to go after larger animals if they feel threatened. Some might say they don’t know their actual size.

2. Quirky

Due to their unique body shape and short legs, some tasks are more difficult for them. If you’ve ever seen a Dachshund jump, you know what I’m talking about. You can’t deny though, it’s so darn C U T E!

3. Adventurous

These dogs love exploring! They are the perfect companions to tag along on a camping trip or hike. Their enthusiasm to scout the outdoors is unmatched. It’s in their DNA to be hunters. These dogs were originally bred to find smaller prey and drive them away.

4. Adorable

By far one of the most jaw dropping breeds! These pups can really attract a crowd. Their short stubby legs, and long torso are one of a kind features. When you see one, you know exactly what breed it is.

“I love that dachshunds have a lot of personality packed into a small frame! They are incredible companion dogs that bond quickly with their humans.”


5. Family Favorite

An awesome family pet is an understatement! Every dachshund I’ve known has been the apple of their owner’s eye. They make great family additions and are fantastic with small children. They aren’t overbearing and won’t knock your little one over.

6. Charming

One of my favorite things about these dogs is how sweet they are. No matter what their person is up to, they are right there. Their favorite thing to do is cuddle, so expect a lot of it!

Photo by: @winniethe.wiener

7. Protective

Don’t let their small frame fool you! They can intimidate. Dachshunds have been known to be protective over their families, especially pregnant women and small children. Their fierce loyalty never backs down.

8. Minimal Shedding

For the most part, these dogs aren’t big on shedding. Their short coat is easy to maintain and doesn’t require much brushing. For long haired Dachshunds expect to see a little more hair, but not by much! Their undercoat grows slowly.

“I love how loyal dachshunds are! Also, they are big on cuddling!


9. Long Life Span

Dachshunds are one of the longest living dogs! Their average life expectancy is anywhere from 13 to 15 years. This beats out many other breeds, especially large dog breeds. So if you’re looking into getting one of these pups, be prepared to have them for a long time!

10. Smart

They’re no dummies! Dachshunds are known for their intelligence and independence. Training can easily be done with the right technique. Since most smart dogs tend to be stubborn, it’s important that you train them the correct way.

Dachshunds make EVERYTHING


Why Shih Tzus are AMAZING Dogs.

“Those who teach the most about humanity aren’t always human.”

– Donald l Hicks


Shih Tzus are the perfect size and fluffiness for a nice cuddle. There fur is just like your favorite blanket or teddy bear…. (but even better.) Not to mention they are superb lap warmers!

2. Friendly

These cuties are social butterflies! It isn’t hard to win over there love and affection, especially when holding a tasty treat. They are the true definition of a “man’s best friend.”

3. Loyal

Undeniable one of the most devoted dogs. Shih Tzus are known to be wonderful companion dogs, and have a royal legacy stemming from over 2,000 years ago. No matter where you are in the house, expect them to follow.

4. Toy Sized

Usually, small dogs have a longer lifespan than larger dogs. Their small stature allows them on average 10 to 16 years. Shih Tzus commonly weigh anywhere from 9 to 16 pounds. That leaves plenty of room for adopting more Shih Tzus!

5. Great Family Dogs

Looking for the ultimate family dog? Shih Tzus are not only great with adults, but they also love kids! Small children are welcome since they have little to no prey drive. Their companionship never fails!

Photo by: @itsme.ollie

6. Loving

Whenever you’re feeling a little down, they are right there. Shih Tzus are extremely involved in their familie’s life, and will never leave your side! Where ever there’s a tear, a lick is sure to follow.

“We just can’t get enough of Teebo, everyday he has something special to show us. Our lives changed for the best when we got our little lion.”


7. Intelligent

Don’t let their cuteness fool you, they have both looks and brains! This breed is known to be one of the easiest and quickest to train. (if properly done.) They have very good focus and can even participate in agility training.

8. Quiet

Despite rumors of small dogs being yappy, Shih Tzus rarely bark. They’d much rather be cuddled up next to their favorite human. They are easily content and usually only bark if there is a problem.

Photo by: @cheeto_the_shihtzu

9. Adorable

This should be self-explanatory. These little lions are incredibly cute! Resembling a cute stuffed animal, these dogs are sure to draw attention towards themselves. Whether they have a thick long coat for the winter, or a freshly trimmed coat during the summer there’s no doubt they are good looking pups!

10. Strong-willed

Some might say stubborn, but they don’t know what they’re talking about. Shih Tzus are more of an independent dog. They have always had a high stature and were commonly referred to as “holy dogs.”