25 Top Yorkshire Terrier Boy Names.

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Photo by: @teddytheyorkie9

1. Teddy – This cute and cuddly name is such a great option! The Yorkshire Terrier very much resembles a warm teddy bear. origin: English

2. Diego – This name is super adorable! It is sure to fit your little guy. origin: Latin

3. Bailey – A wonderful name with many cute nicknames. This is best for a puppy, and will follow him throughout his life! origin: English

4. Lennon – Such a unique name for a unique pup! This name is great because it is two syllables. The best for training purposes. origin: Gaelic

Photo by: @lennon_yorkie

5. Moose – I love this name just for the irony! This is such a cute name and also unique. origin: American

6. Gulliver – An excellent name for the smarty pants pup! origin: French

7. Aero – Meaning “of the sky.” I love this dreamy name! origin: Greek

8. Dexter – A super smart name! This is a wonderful name for any pup young or old. origin: Latin

Photo by: @dex_theyorkie

9. Hayden – This uncommon name is the perfect fit for your pup! origin: English

10. Angus – Meaning ” the one or choice.” I adore this name for a chunky boy! origin: Gaelic

11. Alf – An original name for an original pup! This name is a great name for a one of a kind dog. origin: German

Photo by: @sweet.alf.the.yorkie

12. Ashes – A cutesy name that will stick when people hear it! origin: English

13. Bandito – Meaning “bandit.” This is sure fitting for the thief in your life. No matter it be the stealer of socks or food. origin: Italian

14. Jasper – For the treasurer in your home! This name also can be used with many cute nicknames like: Jay, Jas, Per, Jassy, etc. origin: Persian

15. Murphy – Meaning “sea warrior.” This is a great name for a boy who loves the beach and ocean! origin: Irish

Photo by: @murphy__the__yorkie

16. Pookie – Literally meaning cute. You can’t go wrong with this name! origin: Amercian

17. Beethoven – This historical name is the perfect combination of unusual, but known. origin: German

18. Cadbury – A sweet name for a sweet puppy! origin: English

19. Odysseus – A very powerful name for a strong boy! origin: Greek

Photo by: @odysseus_the_toy

20. Kobe – If you’re a fan of basketball, this one’s for you! origin: Swahili

21. Bowser – Meaning “fine gentleman.” A great name for the proper pup in your life! origin: English

22. Jackson – More of a common name, but doesn’t beat how cute it is! This will fit any yorkie boy! origin: English

Photo by: @jacksontheterrier

23. Sparky – For the sparkle in your eye. This will suit any Yorkshire pup! origin: American

24. Jack – Meaning “God is gracious.” If you are looking for a more sentimental name, here it is! origin: English

25. Chewie – For the chewer in your life! This is a perfect name for the puppy who’s teething phase is lasting a little longer than usual… origin: American

Photo by: @chewie.thetinywookiee

25 Top Goldendoodle Boy Names.

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Photo by: @mosbydood

1. Mosby – This name will grow with your pup! It also makes for loads of cute nicknames. origin: English

2. Patrick – An extremely noble name! This is a great dog name for any pup. origin: English

3. Romeo – For the heartbreaker in your life! It’s incredibly popular and a wonderful name. origin: Italian

4. John-Jon – A unique twist on a more traditional name! This name is a super cute dog name and will be perfect for any pup! origin: English

Photo by: @johnjon_goldendoodle

5. Elvis – This name was made popular from the famous Elvis Presley. If your a fan, this might be the name for you. origin: Scandinavian

6. Frankie – Meaning “free one.” This is a perfect name for the independent, adventurous pooch. origin: Latin

7. Leon – In relation to lion, this name is very kingly! A perfect fit for a spoiled Golden doodle. origin: French

Photo by: @leonthecooldood

8. Scooter – A very cute name! This a great puppy name. origin: American

9. Rusty – Perfect for the rust colored boy in your home! This name is just too adorable to pass up. origin: English

10. Jack – Simple and sweet. This name will grow with a dog forever! origin: English

11. Charlie – A royal name for a royal pup! This name means “free man.” origin: English

Photo by: @doodle.charliejames

12. Avel – A very unique name for sure! This name is Russian for “Abel.” origin: Russian

13. Troubadour – This medieval name is pretty rare. Meaning ” poet or songwriter.” It just seems to role off the tongue! origin: French

14. Watson – I love this name for any Golden doodle! It’s very versatile while still being original. origin: English

Photo by: @doodlenamedwatson & @kmac__3

15. Curtis – For the courageous boy in your life! This name fits really well and has many nicknames. origin: French

16. Dane – A super masculine name. It’s great for male owners who don’t know what name to chose! origin: English

17. Luke – Meaning “light giving.” This is a perfect name for any happy goldendoodle! origin: Greek

18. Foster – For the forester in your life! This is perfect for an adventurous pup. origin: English

Photo by: @fosterthedoodle

19. Nemo – If you love Disney movies, you’ll love this name! It is great for any Goldendoodle. origin: American

20. Parker – This name is great for young and old doggos! Meaning “park keeper.” origin: English

21. Damian – Meaning “one who tames.” A perfect name for a calm boy. origin: Greek

22. Winnie – For the happy camper in your life! Winnie means “happiness or pure.” origin: Welsh

Photo by: @winnie.thedood

23. Hamilton – A dozen cute nicknames follow this name! It is sure to suit your dog. origin: English

24. Jasper – For the pup you treasure. This name very simply means “treasurer.” origin: Persian

25. Vito – One of my favorites. Vito is such a cute name in my opinion and easy to train with! origin: Latin

25 Top Corgi Boy Names.

“Nothing makes me smile more than looking into the eyes of a Pembroke Welsh who loves me!”

Photo by: @dobbythehousecorg

1. Dobby – This adorable name is perfect for training! It’s easy to understand and remember, while not being a common name either. origin: English

2. Adofo – This name is very unique and holds great history. This name means “great warrior.” origin: African

3. Jumanji – Yes! That’s right, after the book and movie. I think this name is super cute and very different. origin: American

4. Charlie – Meaning “free man.” This name is perfect for the independent pup in your life! Charlie makes a great name for a first time pet too. origin: English

Photo by: @charlie__the_corgi

5. Ace – Meaning “unity or one who always excels.” A wonderful name and super easy to say! origin: English

6. Rowan – A perfect name for the red-headed corgi in your home! This name can be shortened into many cute nicknames as well! origin: Irish

7. Jude – The English form of Judah. If you want something a little different, but not incredibly hard to pronounce; Jude will suffice! origin: English

8. Macaroni – This super unique name comes with tons of nicknames! These include: Mac, Toni, Roni, Maca, Macaron and more. I love this name because it can be used for an Corgi in your life! origin: American

Photo by: @macman_the_corgi

9. Raphael – Meaning “God has healed.” This name is a perfect biblical name that is very modern today! Plus, it has a million adorable nicknames. origin: Hebrew

10. Basil – I know you’re probably thinking about the herb, but there’s more meaning. This name means royalty! origin: Greek

11. Bear – This strong name is a winner for any Corgi! It will surely fit your cuddly teddy bear. origin: English

Photo by: @thecorgi.bear

12. Zach – A great name with a lot of history! This name is an American classic that was derived from a Latin name that was derived from a Hebrew origin. If that wasn’t a long back story, I don’t know what is! origin: American

13. Colt – Cute and sweet Colt is your dream dog! This name is generic enough to give to any pup, but special enough to be for yours! origin: English

14. Dasan – Bet you never thought of this one! This super cool name is almost never used for a dog and will leave an impression on people. Dasan means chief. origin: Native American

15. Captain – For the bossy boy in your home! This name means “one who is in charge.” origin: English

Photo by: @captaintinystumps

16. Paco – This name would fit a dog from any background. It is very endearing and is a perfect Corgi name! origin: Latin

17. Mojo – A good luck name! This name is just darling for your furry friend. origin: African

18. Dwight – Meaning “determined or hardworking.” This is a perfect name for an older dog or a young pup! origin: English

Photo by: @dwight.the.corgii

19. Mosby – This cute name just gets better with age! Your fluffy guy will suit this very well. origin: English

20. Otis – Meaning “wealth, prosperity, or fortune.” This awesome name is super cute and will bring good vibes with it! origin: German

21. Maverick – For the independent pal. This name is very special and would be lovely for a Corgi! origin: English

22. Oberon – Personally, I’ve never heard of a dog named Oberon. Which makes this name even more special! This name means “noble.” It was also used in one of Shakespeare’s plays! origin: German

Photo by: @oberon.the.corgi

23. Miles – This exotic name has grown in popularity recently. It’s a super chill name and would be great for your dog! origin: Greek

24. Gael – Pronounced (guy-EL.) This super fun name is very modern. First being introduced to name charts in the United States is 2002. Some characteristics of this name include: wise, imaginative, mystical, and intuitive. origin: Celtic

25. Zion – This is a biblical name meaning “promised land.” It is a sure winner and makes for a wonderful name. origin: Russian

25 Top Doberman Pinscher Boy Names.

“It’s not a home without FUR-kids.”

– anonymous

Photo by: @gryff_the_doberman

1. Gryffindor – After the movie Harry Potter, this name is wonderful if you are a fan! It also is great to use in addition to many nicknames like, Griff, Griffin, Fin, etc. origin: American

2. Maska – This super cool name means “strong and brave.” It is an excellent guard dog name and fits right in for the Doberman Pinscher in your life! origin: Native American

3. Cyber – A wonderfully rare name for your boy. This name is very good for training and is easily recognizable. origin: Greek

4. Diesel – This is a very masculine name. Perfect for any big guy! origin: German

Photo by: @diesel_dobie

5. Hercules – This name screams strength, something Doberman’s are known for. I love this name for a powerful protective pup. origin: Greek

6. Domino – meaning “lord or master.” This will be good for the alpha dog in the house! origin: Latin

7. Onyx – Just like the gem! This name is perfect for the gem of your eye. Any dog will easily catch on to this one. origin: Greek

8. Gunnar – Meaning “fighter, soldier, and attacker.” I love this name for a K9 Doberman or if you are planning to heavily train your dog. origin: German

Photo by: @gunnar_the_red_doberman

9. Blade – For the rugged boy in your life. He doesn’t care about getting messy or being too silly. He’s himself, and you love him for it! origin: English

10. Suki – meaning “black.” A very fitting name for a black or black and rust dobie. I love this name because of how unique it is! origin: Native American

11. Bolt – There lightning fast reflexes and speed make this a winner in my book! Doberman’s are known to always be on their toes waiting for action. origin: English

12. Rex – meaning “king.” This will be great for the extra large dobie you love! origin: Latin

Photo by: @itsrexthedoberman

13. Cannon – This assertive name is awesome! After the weapon, Cannon shows great confidence in a dog. origin: Irish

14. Hendrix – This trendy name has increased in past years, but that doesn’t make it any less special. Any good boy will grow into this name, without a doubt! origin: German

15. Rebel – For the dobie that lives on the edge. Rebel makes a fantastic nickname for the right dog. origin: German

16. Odin – A name with a lot of history! There was a Supreme Norse God named Odin. He was the God of art, wisdom, and culture. This name is very well suited to any Doberman because of their regal appearance! origin: Mythology

Photo by: @odin_european_doberman

17. Charger – Do you have a hyper boy who never seems to settle down? This name might be the one for you. It’s a great name to use for a fast running Doberman Pinscher as wel! origin: English

18. Vincent – Meaning “conquering.” A competitive boy would suit this name very well! origin: Latin

19. Fitz – Meaning “son of,” this is a perfect name for one of the boys in your litter! A very fitting name for a spazzy boy as well. origin: French

Photo by: @fitzthedobie

20. Dez – Dez the Doberman! This “D” name just rolls off the tongue it’s so right. A short and simple name your dog won’t forget. origin: American

21. Adan – referring to the Hebrew version, this name means “fire, or earth.” A perfect nature name for the dog that loves to spend hours outdoors. origin: Hebrew

22. Cowboy – If you live in the south, this name is for you! A great name also for a Doberman who lives on a ranch. origin: English

Photo by: @dobermancowboy

23. Aziel – No one will have a name like Aziel! This is perfect if you are looking for something with a deep meaning, but not over used. Aziel means “God is my strength.” origin: Hebrew

24. Storm – This powerful name is a winner for any hyper active puppy. This is also a name that a dog will grow into lovely. origin: Scandinavian

25. Karl – This name means “strong man.” Dobermans are known to be incredibly strong and powerful! Any dobie would suit this name. origin: Karl

Photo by: @doberman_karl

25 Top Pit Bull Boy Names.

“Don’t bully my breed.”

-Pit Bull Owners

Photo by: @abe.pit

1. Abraham – This is a very biblical name meaning “father of many nations.” If you are very spiritual this might be the name for you! origin: Hebrew

2. Sebastian – A very popular name, but also a very masculine one. There are many different bullys out there that would take to this name very well! origin: Latin

3. Enzo – Literally meaning “winner.” It would suit a competitive pit bull who loves playing! origin: Italian

4. Kanan – Meaning “forest”, I would consider this name for any pitty that loves the fresh outdoors. If hiking is something you do with your pal, Kanan looks like a great option! origin: Indian

Photo by: @kanan_the_pit

5. Russel – Perfect for a red nosed pit bull. Russel means “red-haired.” origin: French

6. Levi – Do you have a pup with horrible separation anxiety. Or just follows you around E V E R Y W H E R E. Levi will work for you! Meaning “attached” this will be perfect for your pit. origin: Hebrew

7. Tiger – For the brindle colored baby in your life. This is a fierce name and will live up to your expectations. origin: English

8. Bowie – Meaning “yellow or fair-haired.” A light colored pit bull is the best for this name. origin: Scottish

Photo by: @bowie_the_one_eyed_pittie

9. Spurgeon – This name is very unique and will definitely turn heads! It was most popular in the 1800’s. You probably won’t ever meet another Spurgeon in your life time! origin: Scandinavian

10. Zazu – Meaning movement, this name is for any hyper active boy. I love this name because it is an awesome training name and super unique! origin: Hebrew

11. Blaine – An exciting name that not many have used recently! Blaine is associated with “lean or thin.” This can work for your dog if he isn’t a super big guy. origin: Gaelic

12. Thrasher – This is a super cool name for a super cool pup! origin: English

Photo by: @iam_trasher

13. Tank – For the bulky pit bull in your life! This is a great protector name as well! origin: American

14. Bosco – Meaning “from the woods.” Bosco will make a great name for an active doggy! origin: Italian

15. Conroy – This name means “wise.” It is perfect for your super smart pitty! origin: Gaelic

16. Buddy – A friendly name for the friendly pup in your home. Anyone would love to have a Buddy! origin: English

Photo by: @buddy_the_pitt

17. Jonas – This relates to a “peaceful being.” Jonas is best suited for your shy and calm bully. origin: Hebrew

18. Thunder – A perfect name for the vocal pit bull. This name is also very masculine. origin: English

19. Triton – God of the sea. A water loving pit would suit this name extremely well! origin: Greek

Photo by: @iam__triton

20. Pluto – This name has two meanings, the first being “wealth,” and the second “dwarf planet.” Either way you look at it, Pluto makes an awesome dog name! origin: Greek

21. Xavier – Meaning “new house.” A great name for a new dog! origin: Spanish

22. Azul – meaning “blue” in Spanish. This would make a great name for a blue nosed pit bull! origin: Spanish

Photo by: @azulythebully

23. Balcom – An extremely peculiar name. This is a great option if you are looking for easy names for training. origin: Scottish

24. Elvis – After the American singer and actor. This name is super cool and fun! origin: Scandinavian

25. Porter – This name is super cute and can be used inter changeable with shorter nicknames. For example, Porty, Port, Por Por etc. This name means “doorkeeper,” and is perfect for the dog who loves to great everyone at the door! origin: Scottish

25 Top German Shepherd Boy Names

“Some things just fill your heart without trying.”

💙 💙 💙 💙 💙 💙 💙 💙 💙 💙

Photo by: @gunnerdobgsd

1.Gunner – meaning bold warrior, this name is perfect for a big strong dog. origin: Scandinavian

2. Luther – relating to the army, this would be suiting for a working dog or a police dog! origin: German

3. Apollo – an extremely unique name that nobody can forget. This mythological name will be great for your handsome boy. origin: Greek

4. Hulk – almost a must if you own a H U G E dog. This intimidating name will be sure to turn heads to your Hulk. origin: American

Photo by: @hulk_the_gsd

5. Mac – meaning son, this name is suiting for really any male German Shepherd! This name is also a great one to use for training. origin: Scottish

6. Bodhi – this special name is not only unique but also has a very strong meaning. Bodhi means enlightenment or awakening. You will probably only meet one Bodhi in your whole life. origin: Sanskrit

7. Axel – this is perfect for the boy you plan to breed in the future. Associated with “father of peace” this genuine name is super cute! origin: Scandinavian

8. Charlie – For the free spirit pup in your life! This will be very fitting for that spontaneous happy boy that you love. origin: English

Photo by: @littlecharlieboy_

9. Raptor – For a German Shepherd with a high prey drive. He loves chasing after any small creature and gets lost exploring nature! origin: Latin

10. Odin – Defined as a Norse God who is undoubtedly wise and lavish. This name is super cool for your doggie! origin: Norwegian

11. Rex – A king! Your Rex deserves nothing less than the world. origin: Latin

12. Harley – A tough name for a tough boy. This name is perfect for training purposes because it is catchy and only two syllables! origin: English

Photo by: @harley_and_shelby_gsd

13. Karter – I love this name for a good boy! This name projects obedience and loyalty. origin: English

14. Roman – Especially popular in Italian, Greek, and Latin culture. Roman would be an excellent fit for a confident German Shepherd. origin: Latin

15. Tripp – This if for your goofy boy. Tripp means to skip or hop, so if you have a pup who loves to jump or dance you may want to consider this one! origin: English

16. Zane – meaning God’s gracious gift. This one is surely a winner for your best friend! origin: Hebrew

17. Oliver – This name would be good for an energetic German Shepherd. It’s right in the middle of not being too common or too unique! origin: Latin

Photo by: @gsdtheoliver

18. Chance – meaning “chancellor” this masculine name is a popular one among all dogs! origin: French

19. Rover – A perfect match for the wanderer dog! If he loves long walks or hikes origin: English

20. Kirby – If you are religious this might just be the name for you! Meaning church this is definitely suiting for the right lifestyle. origin: Irish

21. Werner – A perfect German name for a perfect German Shepherd! The name Werner originates far back in German culture. It means guard so it is almost certainly made for a German Shepherd! origin: German

22. Royce – meaning “son of a king.” Royce is a very luxurious name for your spoiled pup! origin: English

Photo by: @gsd_royce_

23. Toby – I love this name for a German Shepherd because it is a very happy name. Any dog would love to be a Toby! origin: English

24. Elias – This fun & unique name is sure to be the one! A common nickname is Eli or Ellie. I’m sure any pup would grow into this name. origin: Greek

25. Rocky – meaning “rest” this is one for the lazy boy in your life. He just loves to be cuddled up next to you watching TV. Hey, There is nothing wrong with that! origin: Italian

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