Basenji: About the Breed.

Photo by: @harvey_thebasenjidog


“Barkless” Dog.

The Basenji is known as the barkless dog from Africa. This is because the breed tends not to bark. They “howl or scream” instead. So they definitely aren’t silent! They can also yodel and it sounds quite pleasant.


Originally from the Congo.

This ancient dog breed has been around since the Egyptians. They are believed to be from Central Africa. So in between the Congo Basin and South Sudan. They are considered a hound breed and were used originally for hunting.

Photo by: @basenji_franky



Very stubborn breed!

These dogs definitely have a mind of their own! They are incredibly intelligent and have a rebellious streak. Don’t be surprised if they don’t listen to you. This also makes them a little bit more difficult to train, but not impossible. The Basenji doesn’t have the “eager to please” mindset like a lot of other breeds.


Extremely playful.

The Basenji loves to play and will play for hours! They enjoy long walks and exercise. Enrolling them in dog sports is a great way to unleash their energy and build more muscle. They generally are a more muscular dog with less fat.

Photo by: @basenji_maru


They have a feline philosophy.

The Basenji is a short haired dog that is surprisingly clean! They tend to lick themselves clean just like a cat, and do not require frequent bathing. They have a lot of similarities to cats. Consider how you feel about cats before getting a Besenji.


An escape artist!

These pups have a high prey drive and love to chase small animals. They will break through and climb out of anything if they are distracted enough! Don’t rely on electric fences to keep your Basenji contained.