The SAFE Alternative to Raw Bones.

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Sometimes antlers and other raw bones can be harmful to your dogs teeth. Certain breeds have a stronger bite force and unknowingly grind down their teeth on these raw bones.

Alternative bones that aren’t as hard are a great option and will keep your pups teeth intact. Lumabone specializes in these types of toys and even have dental chews!

Lumabone offers 3 different styles of bones so every dog wins!

The Stick

This is the closest bone resembling chew they offer at the moment. It is made from real maple wood! If your pup loves finding sticks in the backyard, they’ll love this too! The best part, it’s all made in the USA.

The Wishbone

This durable chew is personally my dogs favorite. It comes bacon flavored which might be the best part! Lumabone strategically made the wishbone chew so that dogs could have a strong grip on the bone. This means hours of uninterrupted chew time!

The Dental Chew

Specifically made to promote healthy and strong teeth. This bone has two holes at each end and ridges on each side to help your pooch grip their new favorite toy. Don’t worry though! These chews have been modified, the holes will not trap your dogs canine teeth. This has been an ongoing problem with many different brands. Luckily, Lumabone is one step ahead of the problem!

Photo by: @genesis.gsd

Another great thing about these bones is that they don’t break apart into small pieces. Usually with other bones you run the risk of your dog choking on a piece of broken off bone. While it is never recommended to let your pup chew on a bone without supervision, Lumabone understands accidents happen. These bones are made 100% from nylon. (The stick has maple wood as well)