What I Love About the Australian Shepherd.

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Photo by: @aussie_ringo


Cowboy’s choice.

This breed is an incredible herding dog! The Australian Shepherd is descended from one of the best herding dogs of all time.


Super smart!

These pups are incredibly intelligent! They are considered working dogs and you can tell why! Aussies can outsmart many people, so it’s best to always think one step ahead.

Photo by: @aussie.fever


They have beautiful eyes!

These pups have incredibly amazing eyes! They are usually very pale or light colored. Some Aussies even have heterochromia. This is when your eyes are two different colors.


Sacred to the Native Americans.

The Australian Shepherd was held very high in the eyes of the Native Amercians. They refereed to the breed as the “ghost eye.”

Photo by: @bourbytheaussie


Super playful pups!

Aussies have a lot of energy. They are always up to play! Their working nature makes them excited about training and exercise.

Photo by: @sienna_theaussie


They are incredibly beautiful!

With coat colors that include: Black, Blue Mere, Red, and Red Merle you can’t go wrong! They also have a luscious coat that is so soft.

Photo by: @coronatheaussie