Vizsla: An Underrated Breed.

“The Velcro Dog.”

1. Energetic

These pups are a part of the sporting dog club and are considered working dogs. Their high activity level makes them perfect for an agile person. They are very interested in the outdoors and love to explore. One of their favorite activities is running. They are known to be speedy sprinters!

2. Prone to Separation Anxiety

Vizslas adore their families and have a hard time being alone. They are more sensitive to this than other breeds. The key to preventing separation anxiety is nipping it in the bud early. It is advised that you start working with your pup on this within the first couple months of life. In addition, letting your Vizsla burn off some pent up energy can prevent them from becoming destructive in the home.

Photo by: @birdietheredvizsla

3. Low Maintenance Coat

Their short hair makes it easy to quickly wash and dry them. They have a reputation of being one of the only self cleaning dogs. They very rarely need a bath and can be cleaned from dirt and mud with a wet towel. Also, their short coat makes for less shedding. Although they still do shed, it is manageable. They do not require expensive grooming visits or daily brushing.

4. Uncommon Breed

Compared to other breeds like the Golden Retriever or German Shepherd, these pups are pretty unconventional family pets. Not because they don’t make wonderful dogs, but because they are less common in shelters and pet stores. This will attract a lot of positive attention towards you and your furiend.

Photo by: @lifewith_ricky

5. Talented Hunting Dogs

Originating in Hungary, these dogs were bred to hunt and point out prey. In addition, they are also used to retrieve. In the Cold War, the military used Vizslas to deliver messages. It is not recommended that they live in a house with small animals due to their high prey drive. Of course this is different for every dog.

6. A New Family Member

Vizslas are known to be extremely affectionate dogs. They make great companions! While they love to be active, they also love to climb into your lap and snuggle afterwards. They quickly find their place in the family. There is no truer friend than a Vizsla!

Photo by: @arthur.vizsla