Mixed Breeds of the Month | December 2019

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“Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love.”

Boxer + American Bulldog

Photo by: @piper_the_boxer_mix3

Whippet + German Shepherd Dog

Photo by: @sheldon_the_whippet


Australian Shepherd + Siberian Husky

Photo by: @flokitheausky

German shepherd dog + Siberian Husky

Photo by: @zoeythewhiteshepsky


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel + Poodle

Photo by: @mrmilo_the_teddybear

boxer + Bluetick coonhound

Photo by: @bellatheboxerhound

Why I Love Catahoula Leopard Dogs.

Photo by: @harperleethecur

Photo by: @paws_that_wander


The Catahoula Leopard Dog is an American dog breed. Originating from the swamps of Louisiana, they get their name from the Catahoula Lake. This breed is used for hunting game and are often called “hog dogs.”


They have a wide range of coat colors and lengths. Usually, they have a short to medium fur length. The Catahoula Leopard Dog is also commonly known for their “spotted” coat. Some coat colors include:

  • Black
  • Brindle
  • Red Merle
  • Black Merle
  • Yellow
  • Red

Photo by: @kora.the.catahoula



This breed is incredibly intelligent. They will need a lot of mental and physical stimulation to release their energy. They also love to work and would benefit from having a job to do! These dogs can handle vigorous exercise and will love you for it.


They have some of the prettiest eyes I’ve ever seen! The Catahoula Leopord Dog is known for having striking eyes, and multi colored eyes. Their eyes can range from solid light blue to having one brown and one blue eye! This is called Heterochromia. The most popular eye color for them is a very light blue, almost looking white or grey.

Photo by: @catahulacrazy


These pups are light shedders. Compared to your German Shepherd or Poodle, they are a breeze! Since Catahoulas have a short coat, shedding isn’t all that bad. Brushing will also keep this as bay.


The Catahoula Leopard Dog is a great watch dog! Not many people know this, because they are usually talked about for their hunting abilities. They are very wary of strangers and have a territorial instinct.


Photo by: @kimbergephart


They are a healthy breed. Every dog will have it’s problems, but generally, Catahoulas are not prone to many diseases or life threatening conditions. With a proper diet and exercise, you can expect your pal to live for 10 to 14 years.


The perfect size. If you don’t have the patience for a big dog, and aren’t really fond of small ones either; the Catahoula might be just right for you! They are considered a medium size dog. They can weigh anywhere from 30 to 60 pounds. The males are usually a little bigger than the females.

Best of Border Collies.

“A house without a Border Collie is clean, quiet, and tidy……. BUT NOT HOME!

– Anonymous

Photo by: @patchy_the_bordiecollie

A wide variety of colors!

The Border Collie can have several different coat colors! They have one of the largest ranges for a breed standard. All coats colors are beautiful, but here are a few!

Black & WhiteBlue Merle TricolorBrown & White
Photo by: @brodiecolliePhoto by: @the.great.stormmPhoto by: @bordercolliemaxi

One of the smartest breeds.

An amazingly gifted dog is an under-statement! These pups are excellent with training and understand more than the regular dog. They require a lot of mental stimulation to keep them occupied. Some might say they are “workaholics!”

Photo by: @sammiethebordercollie

Great herding dogs!

Border Collies were meant to be working dogs, especially herding. They are incredible athletes and need to be exercised daily. These pups have a high energy level and are great in agility also!

Photo by: @rex_thebordercollie_2015

Recognized as a breed at the end of the 20th century!

It wasn’t until 1995 that the Border Collie earned it’s breed title. They were a little late to the party ranking as the 139th breed! They definitely have gained more popularity over the years than some other breeds. It is no surprise that you can spot them instantly!

Photo by: @carolacoster

Loyal until the end.

Commitment runs deep in the veins of a Border Collie! These dogs are dedicated to succeeding and put their all into everything they do! Their hard working characteristic makes them a dedicated dog.

Photo by: @olimybordercollie

10 Facts About the Siberian Husky.

An amazing dog with amazing qualities.

Photo by: @trrrosky

1. Escape Artist – These dogs can find their way out of anything! Make sure to never leave any door, crate, or window unsupervised. They love to figure things out and will even weasel themselves out of the smallest of spaces.

2. Super Playful – Huskies are always up for an adventure! They love to stay active and are very high energy. It is crucial that they wear off their pent up energy daily. Agility training and vocational training are both great options to keep your pup active both physically and mentally!

Photo by: @the_huskyash

3. Medium Sized – In contrast to popular beliefs, Siberian Huskies are not huge dogs. They usually never weigh over 60 pounds. Although they look bigger, it’s usually their long luscious coat.

4. Great in a Multi-dog Family – Huskies are pack dogs. They love being surrounded by their own, and excel the most this way! They don’t usually prosper as much when being isolated away from other dogs. A Huskies true nature is being social.

Photo by: @maythehuskyyy

5. Not Actually Wolves – Despite having a very Wolf-like appearance, Huskies are not directly related to Wolves. There has been a lot of misconceptions about Siberian Huskies descendants. Their ancestors are no closer to the Wolf than any of breed.

6. They have “Special” Ways of Sleeping – If you have never watched a Husky sleep, Oh Boy, You are missing out. They can literally sleep in any position, in any area. During the cold winter months, the Husky is known to sleep in the Siberian Swirl position. This is not only cute, but helps keep the pup warm.

Photo by: @sofie.and.ollie

7. The Ultimate Eskimo – These fluffy pups were made for the cold climate! They are incredibly tenacious dogs, that can withstand freezing below zero temperatures. Siberian Huskies are sled dogs making them used to being in thick snow and blizzards.

8. They Howl More than Bark – Huskies are known for their super loud howling. They are masters at the Wolf howl. 9 times out of 10 when your Husky is vocal it won’t be a bark. Usually when they do this, they will sit down and point their long muzzle in the air. Resembling they’re doppelganger counterpart, the Wolf.

Photo by: @alaska_the_huskyy

9. Long Lifespan – We’ll never have enough time with our dogs, but the longer the better! Huskies have a predicted lifespan of 12 to 15 years. This is incredible for a medium sized dog. They are one of the healthier dog breeds.

10. Notorious Diggers – There are a few reasons why Huskies love to dig. First, it is a great way to burn some steam off if they are not getting proper exercise. So if you are not an active person, say goodbye to a nice landscaped yard. Second, in hotter climates Huskies dig to stay cool. The farther down you go, the cooler the ground is.

Photo by: @huskysec

Golden Retrievers: 10 Best Dog Quotes.

Love between a dog and a human is always a mutual thing! At least it should be. This list is as close to the love we share as written-ly possible.

Photo by: @luluthelondoner

1. “Dogs are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole.”

– Roger Caras

Photo by: @golden.macmillan

2. “No one can fully understand the meaning of love, unless he’s owned a dog.”

– Gene Hill

Photo by: @good.golden.harvey

3. “There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.”

– Ben Williams

Photo by: @good.boy.nash

Photo by: @tillythetriever

4. “No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you rich.”

-Louis Sabin

Photo by: @smittenwithsammy

5. “If I could be half the person my dog is, I’d be twice the human I am.”

– Charles Yu

Photo by: @goldenboyoliver_

6. “I think dogs are the most amazing creatures, they give unconditional love. For me, they are the role model for being alive.”

-Gilda Radner

Photo by: @agoldenamedkevin

Photo by: @talking_goldens

7. “Dog’s lives are too short. Their only fault, really.”

– Agnes Sligh Turnbull

Photo by: @boltsgoldenlife

8. “The average dog is a nicer person than the average person.”

– Andy Rooney

Photo by: @visitphilly_abbystyle

9. “To ERRR is human – to forgive, canine.”

– Unknown

Photo by: @golden.boy.moose

Photo by: @jada_the_golden

10. “The bond with a dog is as lasting as the ties of this Earth can ever be.”

– Konrad Lorenz

Photo by: @agoldenamedkevin & @kono_in_orlando

What I Love About Dachshunds.

Your typical wiener dog. Full of life and full of joy! These pups are a super common family pet. They even made it on the American Kennel Club’s top 10.

Photo by: @littlecheese12


Despite their small size, these hot dogs are known to go after larger animals if they feel threatened. Some might say they don’t know their actual size.

2. Quirky

Due to their unique body shape and short legs, some tasks are more difficult for them. If you’ve ever seen a Dachshund jump, you know what I’m talking about. You can’t deny though, it’s so darn C U T E!

3. Adventurous

These dogs love exploring! They are the perfect companions to tag along on a camping trip or hike. Their enthusiasm to scout the outdoors is unmatched. It’s in their DNA to be hunters. These dogs were originally bred to find smaller prey and drive them away.

4. Adorable

By far one of the most jaw dropping breeds! These pups can really attract a crowd. Their short stubby legs, and long torso are one of a kind features. When you see one, you know exactly what breed it is.

“I love that dachshunds have a lot of personality packed into a small frame! They are incredible companion dogs that bond quickly with their humans.”


5. Family Favorite

An awesome family pet is an understatement! Every dachshund I’ve known has been the apple of their owner’s eye. They make great family additions and are fantastic with small children. They aren’t overbearing and won’t knock your little one over.

6. Charming

One of my favorite things about these dogs is how sweet they are. No matter what their person is up to, they are right there. Their favorite thing to do is cuddle, so expect a lot of it!

Photo by: @winniethe.wiener

7. Protective

Don’t let their small frame fool you! They can intimidate. Dachshunds have been known to be protective over their families, especially pregnant women and small children. Their fierce loyalty never backs down.

8. Minimal Shedding

For the most part, these dogs aren’t big on shedding. Their short coat is easy to maintain and doesn’t require much brushing. For long haired Dachshunds expect to see a little more hair, but not by much! Their undercoat grows slowly.

“I love how loyal dachshunds are! Also, they are big on cuddling!


9. Long Life Span

Dachshunds are one of the longest living dogs! Their average life expectancy is anywhere from 13 to 15 years. This beats out many other breeds, especially large dog breeds. So if you’re looking into getting one of these pups, be prepared to have them for a long time!

10. Smart

They’re no dummies! Dachshunds are known for their intelligence and independence. Training can easily be done with the right technique. Since most smart dogs tend to be stubborn, it’s important that you train them the correct way.

Dachshunds make EVERYTHING