German Shepherds: The Land Shark

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This beautiful breed is very interesting and unique! Here are some facts you probably didn’t know.


They need constant stimuli.

The German Shepherd is a very intense working dog. They are constantly using their mind. These dogs would highly benefit from mental and physical activity and are eager to please! This breed should never be left alone for too long, because they tend to get bored easily. Believe me, you do not want to see what a bored German Shepherd will do to your house!


Your dream guard dog!

This dog was bred to be very protective. German Shepherds are one of the original K9 police dogs. They have a courageous streak built into them and will stop at no end to defend their territory. It is crucial to socialize them as puppies so they do not become too protective over non-threats.

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Can adapt to city living.

Surprisingly enough, this large breed is suited to live in an apartment! They will need a lot of exercise to burn off their energy. Daily walks along with running, swimming, agility training, and mind stimulating games will help keep your pup happy and healthy! It is a good idea to check with your apartments pet policy before committing to a German Shepherd dog.


Easily maintained coat.

There are a variety of different coat lengths and colors with the German Shepherd. For the most part their shiny coat comes with only a few requirements. Choosing a high quality dog food will help to keep the coat moisturized and healthy. Adding fish oil to your dogs diet can make a huge impact as well! They also require frequent brushing. This minimizes shedding and will keep their coat from looking dull. Also these dogs do not need to be bathed that often! Adjust their bathing to their lifestyle and how often they actually get dirty. With such a beautiful coat you’d think more work would be required!

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The definition of a service dog!

The German Shepherd was the first dog trained in leading the blind in 1920. These dogs have such a high desire to learn, nothing is impossible for them! These dogs have helped give back freedom to many people with disabilities. They are also used as: Autism service dogs, seizure alert dogs, PTSD service dogs, diabetic alert dogs etc.


They love you unconditionally!

One of the most affectionate breeds with their owners. Despite their weariness of strangers, they love their people! Expect them to be by your side every step of the way. Whether that be to the bathroom or to the mailbox, they are there! This means they are also prone to separation anxiety. If your job requires you gone over eight hours a day, maybe this isn’t the breed for you.


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Prone to hip dysplasia.

This painful disease is when the hip socket is loose and causes abnormal formation. It can happen at all stages of life but is more common as the dog gets older. This is one of the top health issues that German Shepherds face due to their large size. Hip dysplasia can prevent a dog from being as active as they once were. There are many helpful ways to treat the pain and prohibit the arthritis from getting worse, but usually surgery is the best option if medication doesn’t work.


Your hero!

These brave pups are known for their heroic attitude. Being one of the top military dogs comes with a lot of responsibility! This twelve year old German Shepherd named Lucca actually won a Dickin medal for her devotion to her troops! She was wounded while searching for explosives. Luckily, this courageous pup survived to receive her honorable medal!

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Best of Border Collies.

“A house without a Border Collie is clean, quiet, and tidy……. BUT NOT HOME!

– Anonymous

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A wide variety of colors!

The Border Collie can have several different coat colors! They have one of the largest ranges for a breed standard. All coats colors are beautiful, but here are a few!

Black & WhiteBlue Merle TricolorBrown & White
Photo by: @brodiecolliePhoto by: @the.great.stormmPhoto by: @bordercolliemaxi

One of the smartest breeds.

An amazingly gifted dog is an under-statement! These pups are excellent with training and understand more than the regular dog. They require a lot of mental stimulation to keep them occupied. Some might say they are “workaholics!”

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Great herding dogs!

Border Collies were meant to be working dogs, especially herding. They are incredible athletes and need to be exercised daily. These pups have a high energy level and are great in agility also!

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Recognized as a breed at the end of the 20th century!

It wasn’t until 1995 that the Border Collie earned it’s breed title. They were a little late to the party ranking as the 139th breed! They definitely have gained more popularity over the years than some other breeds. It is no surprise that you can spot them instantly!

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Loyal until the end.

Commitment runs deep in the veins of a Border Collie! These dogs are dedicated to succeeding and put their all into everything they do! Their hard working characteristic makes them a dedicated dog.

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