The Joy of Owning a Rottweiler.

Photo by: @kali_therottie

If you think their heads are big, you should see their H E A R T!


Originates in Germany.

Surprisingly, the Rottweiler was used for cattle driving in Germany. They earned their name from a cattle town named Rottweil. Descended from a mastiff looking breed, they were created by the Romans through different breeding.


One coat breed standard.

There is only one color marking for the standard Rottweiler. They are mostly black with brown markings. These brown marks appear on several different parts of the Rottweiler’s body. This includes their face, paws, and chest. This leaves their back to be solid black. This makes the Rottweiler very easily to identify!

Photo by: @harpotherotti


super strong breed.

From their legs to their jaw, these pups are strong! Rottweilers have an incredibly powerful bite. With a bite force of around 330 pounds, they are stronger than most Pit bulls and German Shepherds. Since they are muscular dogs; Rottweilers require intensive exercise.


A confident companion.

These dogs are known to be brave and confident. They are aware of their abilities and are not afraid to show them off! They do not shy away from intruders and will put them in their place. With a confident dog, comes a stubborn side. Rottweilers are known to have strong temperaments. It is important to be consistent with training and teach your Rottie who’s in charge.


Photo by: @rufus_the_rotti


For the large breed lover!

There’s no doubt the Rottweiler is a big dog. They can range anywhere from 77 pounds to 135 pounds. Usually the males are a little heavier than the females. This means they will need some space to let their paws up! While apartment living is not ideal for them, it depends on your lifestyle. With consistent mind and body stimulation, a smaller space can work for these beasts.


they have your back.

Rotties are known for their protective instinct. Bonding close with their families, these dogs will go to the ends of the earth to do right by their master. In recent years, they have been bred as guard dogs. This increases their guarding instinct and makes them superb protectors!

Photo by: @bodieandakira.the.rottweilers


the cutest pup you ever did see.

This breed definitely turns heads. They have a beautiful short coat that is very shiny. As well as a remarkable chocolate coloring that’s one of a kind! Their muscular bodies make them look fierce and regal. Rottweilers have the cutest faces as well! A mastiff like snout that’s scrunched in and a wide mouth. This gives them an endearing smile. Whether a puppy or adult, they make the best breed!


loving by nature.

Sometimes this breed gets mistaken as aggressive or violent. This is not the case at all, unless they have been abused or improperly trained. They really are big softies when it comes to the people they love. Rottweilers don’t mind a cuddle session or kiss fest and may even initiate one! They are big lovers and will show you in many unique ways.


Photo by: @ryder_the_rottweiler


enjoy being around people.

The Rottweiler is a social dog that loves being around people and other animals! They enjoy every second of company time and can’t wait for more. These dogs do not do well being caged for long periods of time. They also prefer to be in a pack, so alone time is not recommended.


a quiet breed.

Barking is not a big part of a Rottweilers personality. They are usually quiet, calm dogs. Their vocalization is limited to only getting the attention of their owners and warning possible threats of themselves. They do have an impressively deep bark and will alert you to trouble.

Why Great Danes Make Great Pets!

The Gentle Giant.

Photo by: @great_dane_atlas

1. Mild-mannered

What a joy to live with! The Great Dane is known for being very gentle. Despite their enormous size, these pups are great with children of any size or age. They are definitely lovers not fighters.

2. Your best bud

Great Danes have a way into your heart like no other! These giants will make you believe in love at first sight. Being classified as one of the friendliest breeds, Great Danes hold true to this. Whether you are hanging out on the couch or in the backyard, you can guarantee they will be right by your side.

Photo by: @enormousdoofus

3. Sleek & Stunning build

Ranging anywhere from 100 to 200 pounds, they are pure muscle! Their huge body makes them very unique and noble looking. These dogs have a slender head and long neck. They naturally have floppy ears, but it is common for them to be surgically trimmed. Danes can reach a resting height (on all fours) of 30 to 34 inches tall.

4. Guard dog

Because of their daunting appearance and size, they are likely to scare away any intruding without using aggression. Many people do not want to mess with a dog twice their size. Their deep bark also comes in handy to not only alert you of visitors, but as a warning to visitors.

Their giant size is outweighed by the giant amounts of affection they have for their humans & their crazy goofy personalities will make you laugh everyday.”


5. Kissing Machine

This breed is known for being exceptionally affectionate with their humans. From giving big slobbery kisses to being that 100 pound lap dog you always wanted! This is also what makes them awesome with children. No matter who you are, your Great Dane will always love you.

6. Your active partner

Exercise does the body good, especially for Great Danes. These pups love to be active. They are super speedy runners and love to play. Even if you aren’t big on exercise, these pups will bring it out of you. You’ll end up loving to play fetch or spend a day hiking with your Dane!

Photo by: @ayyypoppy

7. Minimal grooming needs

If you are not in the market to spend a fortune on grooming your pet, you might want to consider a Great Dane. With their short velvet coat, bathing is not frequent. They will do just fine with daily brushing. This will also minimize any shedding.

They’re so compassionate and in tune with their people. If you’re ever feeling down, you always have someone to lean on… literally.”


8. Selfless dogs

These dogs will do anything for their owners! Including extinguishing a bomb. In 1941, Juliana the Great Dane found a bomb had been dropped into her families home. Taking quick action, she immediately urinated on the bomb putting out the fire. This noble act of pure courage won her a Blue Cross medal. This doesn’t end her heroic streak! Again, in 1944 she had discovered a fire in the families shoe shop. She urgently went to alert her owners. This awarded her a second Blue Cross medal and probably A LOT of treats!

Photo by: @tito.the.greatest.dane

9. Smarty pants

Don’t let their goofy stature fool you! These colossus dogs are very smart. They were originally bred for hunting wild boar but have evolved since then. Their sense of smell and hearing is out of this world! Great Danes respond very well to positive reinforcement training and are eager to please. They can however be stubborn if they feel you are being to harsh, because they are one of the more sensitive breeds.

10. Loyal companions

Want a fur-ever friend? These pups are mightily devoted to their family! They will never turn on you, and will protect you at all costs. They have a natural instinct to protect and love their families with everything they have. You will never find another breed quite like the Great Dane.

Photo by: maestro_the_great_dane