25 Top Corgi Girl Names.

Photo by: @corgiraejepsen

1. Carly Rae – Starting this list off big! Why not chose a two part name for your pup? This makes for loads of nicknames! origin: Gaelic

2. Coco – This endearing name is perfect for your little girl! I would chose this for a brown coated girl. origin: Italian

3. Pollie – Meaning “polite,” this name is perfect for a good girl. A great fit for your trained dog. origin: French

4. Junebug – This cutesy name is perfect for your Corgi! Commonly used as a nickname for June, it also stands great on it’s own. origin: Latin

Photo by: @some_kind_of_corgi

5. Coraline – This name closely relates to the coral in the sea. I recommend this name for a sea loving girl or an island doggie! origin: Greek

6. Taffy – For a sweet pup in your life! This fun name is super unique and fitting for any dog. origin: Scottish

7. Abbigail – Meaning “father’s joy.” An adoring name for a daddy’s girl! origin: Hebrew

Photo by: @abbey.the.corgi.pup

8. Amanda – Meaning “deserved to be loved.” This name is true for any dog! origin: Latin

9. Zara – For the princess of the house! This name literally means “princess.” A very loving name for the corgi in your life. origin: Russian

10. Roxanne – I love this name because of all the adorable nicknames. Roxy, Anne, Annie, Rox, Rocky are all great nicknames for this one! origin: English

11. Chloe – Meaning “blooming or fertility.” This gorgeous name is a winner in my book! origin: Greek

Photo by: @chl0ethecorgi

12. Lemon – An awesome pick for the yellow coated girl in your house! Although Corgis’ come in all sorts of shades, the more traditional yellowish coat is most common! origin: American

13. Heidi – This noble name has not been used very often for dogs! I love how uncommon it is. It’s also very easy to use during training since it is only two syllables. origin: German

14. Paris – After the city of love. This beautiful name is perfect for a girly pup. origin: French

15. Mila – Your own personal love, light, and peace. This name has gained recent popularity because of Mila Kunis. It definitely doesn’t take away from it’s beauty! origin: Slavic

Photo by: @mila_thecorgi

16. Clover – This good luck name is super cute! Many people associate Clover with fortune. It is also great to use if you would like a name that symbolizes Ireland. origin: English

17. Naomi – Meaning “pleasantness.” This is a gorgeous name for a corgi that always puts a S M I L E on your face! origin: Jewish

18. Opal – After the sparkling gem. I would use this for a pup born in October to signify the opal as a birthstone. origin: Sanskrit

19. Sylvia – Spirit of the woods. This name is destined for an adventurous girl who loves hiking and nature! Sylvia is meant for one cool pup! origin: Latin

Photo by: @sylvia.fluffycorgi

20. Amor – Meaning “love.” This is a great choice for the extra cuddly Corgi. She’ll always make sure you feel appreciated! origin: Latin

21. Charlotte – This cute name means petite. A perfect name for a smaller than normal corgi! origin: French

22. Tutti – A very sweet name for a very sweet girl. I love this simple but unusual name for any Corgi! It is very versatile. origin: Italian

Photo by: @tutti.the.corgi

23. Julie – Meaning “youthful and beautiful.” This name is short but sweet and is perfect for any girl! origin: Latin

24. May – This name comes from the Roman name Maia. It also is a spring month. If your pup was born in May, I’d definitely consider this one! origin: Greek

25. Lana – Can be short for Alana or stand on it’s own. This gorgeous name means good-looking! origin: Irish

Photo by: @leolanathecorgis