What I Love About Dachshunds.

Your typical wiener dog. Full of life and full of joy! These pups are a super common family pet. They even made it on the American Kennel Club’s top 10.

Photo by: @littlecheese12


Despite their small size, these hot dogs are known to go after larger animals if they feel threatened. Some might say they don’t know their actual size.

2. Quirky

Due to their unique body shape and short legs, some tasks are more difficult for them. If you’ve ever seen a Dachshund jump, you know what I’m talking about. You can’t deny though, it’s so darn C U T E!

3. Adventurous

These dogs love exploring! They are the perfect companions to tag along on a camping trip or hike. Their enthusiasm to scout the outdoors is unmatched. It’s in their DNA to be hunters. These dogs were originally bred to find smaller prey and drive them away.

4. Adorable

By far one of the most jaw dropping breeds! These pups can really attract a crowd. Their short stubby legs, and long torso are one of a kind features. When you see one, you know exactly what breed it is.

“I love that dachshunds have a lot of personality packed into a small frame! They are incredible companion dogs that bond quickly with their humans.”


5. Family Favorite

An awesome family pet is an understatement! Every dachshund I’ve known has been the apple of their owner’s eye. They make great family additions and are fantastic with small children. They aren’t overbearing and won’t knock your little one over.

6. Charming

One of my favorite things about these dogs is how sweet they are. No matter what their person is up to, they are right there. Their favorite thing to do is cuddle, so expect a lot of it!

Photo by: @winniethe.wiener

7. Protective

Don’t let their small frame fool you! They can intimidate. Dachshunds have been known to be protective over their families, especially pregnant women and small children. Their fierce loyalty never backs down.

8. Minimal Shedding

For the most part, these dogs aren’t big on shedding. Their short coat is easy to maintain and doesn’t require much brushing. For long haired Dachshunds expect to see a little more hair, but not by much! Their undercoat grows slowly.

“I love how loyal dachshunds are! Also, they are big on cuddling!


9. Long Life Span

Dachshunds are one of the longest living dogs! Their average life expectancy is anywhere from 13 to 15 years. This beats out many other breeds, especially large dog breeds. So if you’re looking into getting one of these pups, be prepared to have them for a long time!

10. Smart

They’re no dummies! Dachshunds are known for their intelligence and independence. Training can easily be done with the right technique. Since most smart dogs tend to be stubborn, it’s important that you train them the correct way.

Dachshunds make EVERYTHING