25 Top Doberman Pinscher Girl Names.

“A dog is love’s purest shadow.”

– Angie Weiland-Crosby

Photo by: @rubythedobermann

1. Ruby – After the red gemstone. This name is perfect for a red Doberman Pinscher! Also, it would be very fitting for a dobie born in July because of the birthstone aspect. origin: Latin

2. Chanel Most commonly associated with the famous french designer. This name is very high class! origin: French

Photo by: @dobiechanel

3. Raven – I love this name for a Doberman! This name surrounds darkness and is derived from the black bird. origin: English

4. Luna – Just like the moon! I love this name for any dobie girl. You just have to make sure she comes to it! origin: Latin

Photo by: @dobemix

5. Scout – An uncommon name that’s making a come-back! This name means “one who gathers information covertly.” This name is also used in the movie To Kill A Mocking Bird. origin: English

6. Dakota – A very friendly name! This name actually means just that. I would use this name for a super sociable dobie. origin: Native American

Photo by: @dakota_doberman

7. Lorelei – Even though three syllable name can be tricky to teach dogs, this name is worth it! There are also many nicknames to go by: Lor, Ellie, Lei, Lorel, Lori, Leila, etc. origin: German

8. Cali – Meaning “most beautiful.” This certainly isn’t a lie for the Doberman breed as a whole! origin: Greek

Photo by: @cali_red.dobie

9. Mariposa – Meaning “butterfly.” This name is so precious and will make the perfect name for your girl! There are also a lot of nicknames for it: Mari, Posie, Posa, Mar. origin: Latin

10. Kiowa – I love this extremely rare name! This name is actually after an Indian Tribe. If you love the Native American heritage, I’d totally recommend this name. origin: Native American

Photo by: @kiowa_dobie

11. Brielle – A unique and beautiful name! This is a Godly name and will be a perfect addition in your fur family. origin: French

12. Sasha – This is for the helper in your life! Sasha literally means “the helper.” It is great for any pup that pulls their load (or at least tries.) origin: Slavic

Photo by: @sashafiercethedobie

13. Petra – Meaning “stone or rock.” This is perfect for the steady girl in your life! She is always fearless and ready for anything. origin: German

14. Koda – Meaning “last born or mother’s pet.” This is not a very commonly used name and will definitely turn heads! origin: African

Photo by: @koda_the_dobermann

15. Brinn – Super simple, but super adorable! It means “high, noble, or defender.” I love this for a show Doberman Pinscher! origin: Slavic

16. Aria – This name has A L O T of different meanings. Anywhere from “air and the melody” to “treasure and high value.” I love this name because usually pups do best with two syllable names. origin: Italian

Photo by: @doberman_aria

17. Marabel – Meaning “beautiful Mary.” Any dobie who has stolen your heart would adjust to this name extremely well! origin: Hebrew

18. Leena – For the light of your life! Leena comes from another name.(Alina) This name simply means light. origin: Greek

Photo by: @leena.the.dobie

19. Augusta – For the majestic girl in your life. I love this name also for a dobie who is bigger than most females. origin: Latin

20. Dutchess – One of my favorite names, because I had a Doberman Pinscher named Dutchess (2008 – 2019). This sweet name means “of high rank.” A great name if your dog means a lot to you! origin: English

21. Tina – A perfect name for the girl who loves playing in the water. Tina means “river.” If your girl loves swimming or adventuring by the water, this should be in your top 5! origin: English

Photo by: @doberman_tiina

22. Primrose – A lovely name, meaning “first rose.” I would use this name for a first time dog owner, or the first girl in the litter. origin: Latin

23. Xena – This name means “welcoming.” It’s a winner for the friendly girl in your family. She greets everyone at the door with happiness! (bad guys do not count!) origin: Greek

Photo by: @doberxen

24. Alexis – Meaning “to defend or to help.” A very strong name for the girl in your life. origin: Greek

25. Louis – This name has been around for centuries! A great name with a royal flair. It will suit your girl perfectly! origin: French

Photo by: @louis.the.dobe

25 Top Doberman Pinscher Boy Names.

“It’s not a home without FUR-kids.”

– anonymous

Photo by: @gryff_the_doberman

1. Gryffindor – After the movie Harry Potter, this name is wonderful if you are a fan! It also is great to use in addition to many nicknames like, Griff, Griffin, Fin, etc. origin: American

2. Maska – This super cool name means “strong and brave.” It is an excellent guard dog name and fits right in for the Doberman Pinscher in your life! origin: Native American

3. Cyber – A wonderfully rare name for your boy. This name is very good for training and is easily recognizable. origin: Greek

4. Diesel – This is a very masculine name. Perfect for any big guy! origin: German

Photo by: @diesel_dobie

5. Hercules – This name screams strength, something Doberman’s are known for. I love this name for a powerful protective pup. origin: Greek

6. Domino – meaning “lord or master.” This will be good for the alpha dog in the house! origin: Latin

7. Onyx – Just like the gem! This name is perfect for the gem of your eye. Any dog will easily catch on to this one. origin: Greek

8. Gunnar – Meaning “fighter, soldier, and attacker.” I love this name for a K9 Doberman or if you are planning to heavily train your dog. origin: German

Photo by: @gunnar_the_red_doberman

9. Blade – For the rugged boy in your life. He doesn’t care about getting messy or being too silly. He’s himself, and you love him for it! origin: English

10. Suki – meaning “black.” A very fitting name for a black or black and rust dobie. I love this name because of how unique it is! origin: Native American

11. Bolt – There lightning fast reflexes and speed make this a winner in my book! Doberman’s are known to always be on their toes waiting for action. origin: English

12. Rex – meaning “king.” This will be great for the extra large dobie you love! origin: Latin

Photo by: @itsrexthedoberman

13. Cannon – This assertive name is awesome! After the weapon, Cannon shows great confidence in a dog. origin: Irish

14. Hendrix – This trendy name has increased in past years, but that doesn’t make it any less special. Any good boy will grow into this name, without a doubt! origin: German

15. Rebel – For the dobie that lives on the edge. Rebel makes a fantastic nickname for the right dog. origin: German

16. Odin – A name with a lot of history! There was a Supreme Norse God named Odin. He was the God of art, wisdom, and culture. This name is very well suited to any Doberman because of their regal appearance! origin: Mythology

Photo by: @odin_european_doberman

17. Charger – Do you have a hyper boy who never seems to settle down? This name might be the one for you. It’s a great name to use for a fast running Doberman Pinscher as wel! origin: English

18. Vincent – Meaning “conquering.” A competitive boy would suit this name very well! origin: Latin

19. Fitz – Meaning “son of,” this is a perfect name for one of the boys in your litter! A very fitting name for a spazzy boy as well. origin: French

Photo by: @fitzthedobie

20. Dez – Dez the Doberman! This “D” name just rolls off the tongue it’s so right. A short and simple name your dog won’t forget. origin: American

21. Adan – referring to the Hebrew version, this name means “fire, or earth.” A perfect nature name for the dog that loves to spend hours outdoors. origin: Hebrew

22. Cowboy – If you live in the south, this name is for you! A great name also for a Doberman who lives on a ranch. origin: English

Photo by: @dobermancowboy

23. Aziel – No one will have a name like Aziel! This is perfect if you are looking for something with a deep meaning, but not over used. Aziel means “God is my strength.” origin: Hebrew

24. Storm – This powerful name is a winner for any hyper active puppy. This is also a name that a dog will grow into lovely. origin: Scandinavian

25. Karl – This name means “strong man.” Dobermans are known to be incredibly strong and powerful! Any dobie would suit this name. origin: Karl

Photo by: @doberman_karl