You Can Customize Almost ANYTHING To Have Your Pet On It!

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Are you one of those crazy obsessed pet parents that want your fur ball on display for everyone? Or maybe you just love to use personal, meaningful decorations around your home. Either way, Pet Canva has got you covered!

Photo by: @genesis.gsd

This company will help bring your images to life! They offer so many different options, the list is endless.

Some super cool items they customize are:

Fleece Blankets (super warm & cozy)

Phone Case (so you can have your pet everywhere you go)

Wrapped PetCanva (a beautifully designed canvas that can be displayed around your house)

Coffee Mug (no better way to start your mornings)

Couch Pillow with Cover (you’ll always have something that reminds you of your pet to snuggle)

Sherpa Blanket (just as comfy & cozy)

Beach Towel (bring them along on the adventures of life)

Poster (the perfect, less bulky option for wall decor)

Apparel (everything from shirts to socks & totes)

My pups and I received two incredibly beautiful items from Pet Canva!

I was genuinely impressed by the quality and style of the items. All I did was send in a photo of my pet, pick a background and that was it! They took care of the rest.

I love the quality fabric they used for this blanket. It is one of the softest blankets I own, and easily the cutest!

The vibrant colors were exactly what I envisioned when I was picking out the photo and background!

For Genesis, I chose a simple canvas! The color and detail is impeccable and impressed me beyond words.

I love this canvas so much and treasure it. It’s a wonderful memento that I get to save forever!


Rating: 5 out of 5.


Rating: 5 out of 5.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

2019 Gift Guide: 10 Cheap & Easy Gifts for Dog Lovers!

Tis’ the season of giving! If you are stumped on what to get your canine loving friend or family member this year, look no further. Here are some great unique, personalized gifts that won’t break the bank this holiday season!

Photo by: @huskysec


Dog Breed Socks

These fuzzy socks make the perfect stocking stuffers for your special person! With a variety of colors and breeds, you can’t go wrong.

Source: Amazon


Clean Ingredient Dog Treats

We love our pets, and a gift for them is one less we have to buy ourselves! If you’re feeling extra festive, making a cute gift basket out of treats is also a great idea! Make sure to do your research and figure out if your friend’s pup has any allergies. Here are some of my favorites!

Source: Chewy



Personalized Dog Portrait

Nothing says thoughtfulness like a custom made gift! Grab a cute photo of your friend’s pup and let the artist do the rest. There’s no way your pal won’t like their own dog’s face. Plus it makes a great decor piece that they can take anywhere they move to! Be cautious to order in advance though, some of these pieces of art takes weeks to make.

Source: @genesis.gsd


Dog T-Shirt

This gift not only benefits your friend or family member, but a shelter dog in need too! Pawz donates a percentage of their profits to shelters across the United States. Plus, they have so many cute designs and colors to chose from!


Pet Odor Eliminating Candle

If your friend loves dogs, they probably have a lot of them. Dogs tend to leave their scent around the house. Whether that be an occasional accident on the carpet or a natural funk. These candles will be sure to come in handy!

Source: Amazon


On-The-Go Dog Bowls

Great for traveling purposes or just out and about. These dog bowls can be used for water or food. They collapse to save room and can lay flat almost anywhere! Very different from the traditional dog bowl that is bulky and oddly shaped. These are convenient to just pull right out of your bag.

Source: Amazon



Monthly Dog Subscription Box

This gift just keeps giving! Barkbox is a super cool way to get your dog loving friend all they could ever want for their pooch. It comes equip with awesome toys and treats. They even have a gift option that gets shipped straight to their house! It doesn’t get any easier than this.

Source: BarkBox


Dog DNA Test

This one is super interesting if your friend has a mutt! You’d be surprised how detailed these tests are. Get ready to find out the history of Fido! These tests can also warn about mutations or genes linked to certain diseases. It’s a very interesting and cool way for your pal to learn more about their furry friend.

Source: Wisdom Panel


Dog Christmas Ornament

This seasonal gift is perfect for the Christmas loving friend in your life. This ornament can be customized to any name for an extra touch. Don’t miss out on this special gift!

Source: Amazon


Dog Accessories

Gifting your friend a cute bandana or bow can make all the difference this holiday season! With so many different colors and patterns you can find an accessory for everyone.

Source: @gunnerdobgsd