Genesis & Gunner’s Pick | Hodge House Bandana Co.

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Are you looking for a special bandana for your pup? Maybe something that sticks out from all of other bandanas out there…

Hodge House Bandanas offer REVERSIBLE bandanas for all sizes! The advantage of owning a reversible bandana is, that you’re basically getting two bandanas in one!

What I Love:

💜 Thick, high quality material

💜 You can customize your order

💜 Reversible patterns

💜 Tie on makes the bandana more secure than a traditional button on

💜 Professional packaging

💜 They offer ADORABLE bow ties

💜 Fast shipping

These bandanas are made from super strong material! My dogs pulled on these while playing, and not a single tear!

I was also super impressed by the unique patterns and fonts they had to offer.

One thing that really stood out to me was the speedy shipping! I received my package only a couple days after I ordered. It actually came ahead of time.


Rating: 5 out of 5.


Rating: 5 out of 5.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Genesis & Gunner’s Pick: Zesty Paws

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This blog means the world to me and I enjoy being able to communicate with you guys about our love for animals! In order to keep this site free and accessible to everyone I must pay several fees. If you enjoy my content and like what I am doing, please consider helping my website!

If you’re in the market or just curious about healthy pet products, you’re in luck! Zesty Paws offer a wide variety of products. They carry healthy bites, broth boosters, shampoo & conditioner, dental spray, probiotics, and fish oil. These items contain amazing, fortifying ingredients.

Mobility Broth Booster

Why we picked it:

  • Super easy way to incorporate glucosamine into your dog’s diet.
  • Promotes hip & joint health in all dogs.
  • Helps with inflammation and pain.
  • ONLY real ingredients.

They provide products for dogs in all stages of life. From puppy to senior, your dog will be taken care of!

Here are some great products for different stages of life:

Photo by: @genesis.gsd

“We love the Superfood Bites because they are the easiest way to a healthy dog! These bites promote healthy digestion in all stages of life. My dogs both love the taste of these and will gladly eat them.”


  • Glucosamine HCI
  • OptiMSM®
  • Chondroitin Sulfate
  • Eggshell Membrane
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Chicken Bone Broth
  • Citric Acid
  • Coconut Glycerin
  • Flaxseed
  • Mixed Tocopherols
  • Oregano
  • Plum
  • Rosemary Extract
  • Tapioca Syrup
  • Vegetable Fiber

Photo by: @gunnerdobgsd

“Mobility Broth Booster is a great treat to add to your pup’s food. It’s super easy to mix in! This broth booster is specifically made to promote hip and joint health in dogs. It’s a great choice for not only dogs who struggle with their mobility but it also can help deter a future problem.”

Genesis & Gunner’s Pick: MOD

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This blog means the world to me and I enjoy being able to communicate with you guys about our love for animals! In order to keep this site free and accessible to everyone I must pay several fees. If you enjoy my content and like what I am doing, please consider helping my website!

Are you looking for a company that cares about the quality of their products? MOD definitely does!

From collars to leashes and even apparel, they got you covered. Their unique patterns make them stand out from others.

Photo by: @genesis.gsd

One great thing about these sets is the affordability of them! For under $30 you get not only a high quality leash, but also a matching collar.

I love the fashionable look of these items, in addition to the functionality aspect! You get the best of both worlds.

One aspect of this leash that really stood out to me is the cushioned handle. It makes it super easy to grip without leaving marks on your hands. If your dog is a puller you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s not only painful, but makes walking your dog unenjoyable.

This leash has really changed the game for me when it comes time to walk my pup. The fabric is super soft, while still being durable.

How to pick the right size

MOD does a great job of making their sizing easy and quick to read.

They offer three different sizes:

Under 25 pounds

25 – 50 pounds

over 50 pounds

I was a little skeptical about the sizing because my dog is currently 70 pounds and growing, but the over 50 pounds leash and collar set fit my dog perfectly!


Rating: 5 out of 5.

I am thoroughly impressed with the quality, design, shipping, and packaging of this company.

It makes me wonder why I ever spent more money on a collar and leash before…

Basenji: About the Breed.

Photo by: @harvey_thebasenjidog


“Barkless” Dog.

The Basenji is known as the barkless dog from Africa. This is because the breed tends not to bark. They “howl or scream” instead. So they definitely aren’t silent! They can also yodel and it sounds quite pleasant.


Originally from the Congo.

This ancient dog breed has been around since the Egyptians. They are believed to be from Central Africa. So in between the Congo Basin and South Sudan. They are considered a hound breed and were used originally for hunting.

Photo by: @basenji_franky



Very stubborn breed!

These dogs definitely have a mind of their own! They are incredibly intelligent and have a rebellious streak. Don’t be surprised if they don’t listen to you. This also makes them a little bit more difficult to train, but not impossible. The Basenji doesn’t have the “eager to please” mindset like a lot of other breeds.


Extremely playful.

The Basenji loves to play and will play for hours! They enjoy long walks and exercise. Enrolling them in dog sports is a great way to unleash their energy and build more muscle. They generally are a more muscular dog with less fat.

Photo by: @basenji_maru


They have a feline philosophy.

The Basenji is a short haired dog that is surprisingly clean! They tend to lick themselves clean just like a cat, and do not require frequent bathing. They have a lot of similarities to cats. Consider how you feel about cats before getting a Besenji.


An escape artist!

These pups have a high prey drive and love to chase small animals. They will break through and climb out of anything if they are distracted enough! Don’t rely on electric fences to keep your Basenji contained.

German Shepherds: The Land Shark

Photo by: @genesis.gsd

This beautiful breed is very interesting and unique! Here are some facts you probably didn’t know.


They need constant stimuli.

The German Shepherd is a very intense working dog. They are constantly using their mind. These dogs would highly benefit from mental and physical activity and are eager to please! This breed should never be left alone for too long, because they tend to get bored easily. Believe me, you do not want to see what a bored German Shepherd will do to your house!


Your dream guard dog!

This dog was bred to be very protective. German Shepherds are one of the original K9 police dogs. They have a courageous streak built into them and will stop at no end to defend their territory. It is crucial to socialize them as puppies so they do not become too protective over non-threats.

Photo by:


Can adapt to city living.

Surprisingly enough, this large breed is suited to live in an apartment! They will need a lot of exercise to burn off their energy. Daily walks along with running, swimming, agility training, and mind stimulating games will help keep your pup happy and healthy! It is a good idea to check with your apartments pet policy before committing to a German Shepherd dog.


Easily maintained coat.

There are a variety of different coat lengths and colors with the German Shepherd. For the most part their shiny coat comes with only a few requirements. Choosing a high quality dog food will help to keep the coat moisturized and healthy. Adding fish oil to your dogs diet can make a huge impact as well! They also require frequent brushing. This minimizes shedding and will keep their coat from looking dull. Also these dogs do not need to be bathed that often! Adjust their bathing to their lifestyle and how often they actually get dirty. With such a beautiful coat you’d think more work would be required!

Photo by: @turbo.the.wgsd

Photo by: @shep.gsd


The definition of a service dog!

The German Shepherd was the first dog trained in leading the blind in 1920. These dogs have such a high desire to learn, nothing is impossible for them! These dogs have helped give back freedom to many people with disabilities. They are also used as: Autism service dogs, seizure alert dogs, PTSD service dogs, diabetic alert dogs etc.


They love you unconditionally!

One of the most affectionate breeds with their owners. Despite their weariness of strangers, they love their people! Expect them to be by your side every step of the way. Whether that be to the bathroom or to the mailbox, they are there! This means they are also prone to separation anxiety. If your job requires you gone over eight hours a day, maybe this isn’t the breed for you.


Photo by: @gsdhelios


Prone to hip dysplasia.

This painful disease is when the hip socket is loose and causes abnormal formation. It can happen at all stages of life but is more common as the dog gets older. This is one of the top health issues that German Shepherds face due to their large size. Hip dysplasia can prevent a dog from being as active as they once were. There are many helpful ways to treat the pain and prohibit the arthritis from getting worse, but usually surgery is the best option if medication doesn’t work.


Your hero!

These brave pups are known for their heroic attitude. Being one of the top military dogs comes with a lot of responsibility! This twelve year old German Shepherd named Lucca actually won a Dickin medal for her devotion to her troops! She was wounded while searching for explosives. Luckily, this courageous pup survived to receive her honorable medal!

Photo by: @adventuring.amy