25 Top German Shepherd Girl Names

“One of the greatest pleasures in life is adopting a dog, then comes choosing a name.”

Photo by: @genesis.gsd

When choosing a name, keep in mind that one or two syllable names usually work best for training purposes.

1.Luna– meaning the moon, this name has gained popularity in recent years. origin: Latin

2. Fiona– meaning white or fair in color, this name would be perfect for an all white or light colored German Shepherd. origin: Celtic

3. Poppy– after the beautiful red flower, it would be a lovely name for pup or adult German Shepherd. origin: Latin

4. Nala– associated with success, Nala is the perfect fit for a cute & cuddly girl. origin: African

Photo by: @nala,thegsdmix

5. Sable– even though this is common German Shepherd coat color, it will be sure to make your pup stand out. origin: English

6. Mariposa– as beautiful as a butterfly, this uncommon name is perfect for your sweet girl. origin: Latin

7. Lady– for that mature German Shepherd that loves you the most! origin: English

8. Delta– meaning born fourth, this could be as special way to remember one of the litter pups. origin: Greek

9. Genesis– meaning birth or origin, this biblical name is a keeper! origin: Hebrew

10. Chewy– for the girl who isn’t perfect, but her flaws make you love her. origin: English

11. Stella– for the star of your eye. origin: Latin

12. Ayati– symbolizes royalty, quite suiting for any dog. origin: Hindu

Photo by: @ayati_the_queen

13. Clover– because every dog is a good luck charm. origin: English

14. Geneva– a German name for a German Shepherd, meaning juniper tree. This unique name will be unforgettable. origin: German

15. Sasha– for the protector of the family. This name displays the fierce devotion German Shepherds possess. origin: Russian

16. Abby– meaning joy, your Abby will be sure to put a smile on your face. origin: Hebrew

17. Nova– meaning new, this is a great first dog name. origin: Latin

18. Dutchess– dogs of high rank deserve names of high rank. This proper name will be paw-fect for your spoiled girl. origin: English

19. Kellie– a very strong name, for that hyper girl who loves to play rough. origin: Irish

20. Paws– got a clumsy girl who always trips over her paws? origin: American

21. Carmela– meaning garden, this is for your pretty pup! origin: Italian

22. Maya– symbolizing water, Maya would be very fitting for an active doggy swimmer. origin: Latin

Photo by: @mayathemightlygsd

23. Pandora– adopting a dog is a mutual gift that just keeps giving! origin: Greek

24. Tulsa– a cute doggy name very popular in the south. origin: American

25: Sadie– for the princess in your life. origin: English

“How beautiful it is to find someone who asks for nothing but your company.”

-Brigitte Nicole