Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed

There’s only about two bad things that come with owning a dog. One being shedding. There are many reasons why people look for light shedding dogs. Some include: allergies, maintenance, cleanliness etc. For whatever reason your looking for a modest shedder we’ve got you covered!

Photo by: @standard_poodle_pals

1. Poodle – Known for their curly coat and cute hair cuts. These pooches do not shed. You will very rarely see fur flying with this breed. However, they do require frequent grooming to keep up with their growing fur. Trimmings will ensure their is no shedding.

2. Scottish Terrier – This loyal furiend is a great breed to consider! They are wire-coated, which tends to be easier on shedding. Since this coat type is a little bit rougher, it doesn’t require extensive maintenance. Usually, Scottish Terriers only need a trim once or twice a year.

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3. Whippet – This speedy breed is a medium-sized dog with a short coat. Their silk fur makes them a great candidate for anyone who doesn’t want a lot of fluff. They don’t require haircuts or grooming, but it is important to keep their coat healthy and clean.

4. Scottish Deerhound – This breed is not as common as some of the others, but well deserved a mention! They also have a wiry coat. It is crucial to brush these dogs weekly, because their fur can become matted easily. If you come across this breed, don’t look any further!

Photo by: @rocketthesaluki

5. Saluki – This Egyptian dog is royal and regal! With such a short coat, they don’t require much maintenance and just need to be kept clean and brushed. Their shedding should be minimal. They do have a little bit longer hair around their ears and tail.

6. Puli – A very unique breed indeed! These Hungarian sweethearts will always turn heads. Their long coat resembles a mop head, but don’t let that fool you! They don’t shed. It is also common for them to be trimmed short to prevent matting.

Photo by: @sammy__the__schnauzer

7. Shnauzer – This can apply for mini, giant and standard Shnauzers. These dogs barely shed due to their double layer coat. However, because of their long fur it is recommended they get a trim. Even their mustaches continues to grow!

8. Portuguese Water Dog – Considered hypoallergenic, this breed is a super awesome choice for a family pet! They love the water and have the perfect coat for it. While all dogs have dander; the Portuguese Water Dog is the closest you can get to shed free.

Fun Fact: President Barack Obama owned a Portuguese Water Dog named Bo while residing in the White House!

Photo by: @wringley_golden.doodle

8. Golden-doodle – This mixed breed beauty is becoming very popular and easy to find! They tend to keep the coat style of the Poodle and the color of the Golden Retriever. This is another dog considered to be hypoallergenic.

9. Bichon Frise – One of The AKC’s top picks for people with allergies who want a dog. They are bred to be hypoallergenic. Since they do not shed, it is important to keep up with their growing coat. Grooming is a must!

10. Afghan Hound – This high energy breed is at the top of non-shedding dogs! They have a long luxurious coat that requires pampering. Exchange your vacuum for frequent bathes and brushing.

Why I Love Catahoula Leopard Dogs.

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The Catahoula Leopard Dog is an American dog breed. Originating from the swamps of Louisiana, they get their name from the Catahoula Lake. This breed is used for hunting game and are often called “hog dogs.”


They have a wide range of coat colors and lengths. Usually, they have a short to medium fur length. The Catahoula Leopard Dog is also commonly known for their “spotted” coat. Some coat colors include:

  • Black
  • Brindle
  • Red Merle
  • Black Merle
  • Yellow
  • Red

Photo by: @kora.the.catahoula



This breed is incredibly intelligent. They will need a lot of mental and physical stimulation to release their energy. They also love to work and would benefit from having a job to do! These dogs can handle vigorous exercise and will love you for it.


They have some of the prettiest eyes I’ve ever seen! The Catahoula Leopord Dog is known for having striking eyes, and multi colored eyes. Their eyes can range from solid light blue to having one brown and one blue eye! This is called Heterochromia. The most popular eye color for them is a very light blue, almost looking white or grey.

Photo by: @catahulacrazy


These pups are light shedders. Compared to your German Shepherd or Poodle, they are a breeze! Since Catahoulas have a short coat, shedding isn’t all that bad. Brushing will also keep this as bay.


The Catahoula Leopard Dog is a great watch dog! Not many people know this, because they are usually talked about for their hunting abilities. They are very wary of strangers and have a territorial instinct.


Photo by: @kimbergephart


They are a healthy breed. Every dog will have it’s problems, but generally, Catahoulas are not prone to many diseases or life threatening conditions. With a proper diet and exercise, you can expect your pal to live for 10 to 14 years.


The perfect size. If you don’t have the patience for a big dog, and aren’t really fond of small ones either; the Catahoula might be just right for you! They are considered a medium size dog. They can weigh anywhere from 30 to 60 pounds. The males are usually a little bigger than the females.

The Joy of Owning a Rottweiler.

Photo by: @kali_therottie

If you think their heads are big, you should see their H E A R T!


Originates in Germany.

Surprisingly, the Rottweiler was used for cattle driving in Germany. They earned their name from a cattle town named Rottweil. Descended from a mastiff looking breed, they were created by the Romans through different breeding.


One coat breed standard.

There is only one color marking for the standard Rottweiler. They are mostly black with brown markings. These brown marks appear on several different parts of the Rottweiler’s body. This includes their face, paws, and chest. This leaves their back to be solid black. This makes the Rottweiler very easily to identify!

Photo by: @harpotherotti


super strong breed.

From their legs to their jaw, these pups are strong! Rottweilers have an incredibly powerful bite. With a bite force of around 330 pounds, they are stronger than most Pit bulls and German Shepherds. Since they are muscular dogs; Rottweilers require intensive exercise.


A confident companion.

These dogs are known to be brave and confident. They are aware of their abilities and are not afraid to show them off! They do not shy away from intruders and will put them in their place. With a confident dog, comes a stubborn side. Rottweilers are known to have strong temperaments. It is important to be consistent with training and teach your Rottie who’s in charge.


Photo by: @rufus_the_rotti


For the large breed lover!

There’s no doubt the Rottweiler is a big dog. They can range anywhere from 77 pounds to 135 pounds. Usually the males are a little heavier than the females. This means they will need some space to let their paws up! While apartment living is not ideal for them, it depends on your lifestyle. With consistent mind and body stimulation, a smaller space can work for these beasts.


they have your back.

Rotties are known for their protective instinct. Bonding close with their families, these dogs will go to the ends of the earth to do right by their master. In recent years, they have been bred as guard dogs. This increases their guarding instinct and makes them superb protectors!

Photo by: @bodieandakira.the.rottweilers


the cutest pup you ever did see.

This breed definitely turns heads. They have a beautiful short coat that is very shiny. As well as a remarkable chocolate coloring that’s one of a kind! Their muscular bodies make them look fierce and regal. Rottweilers have the cutest faces as well! A mastiff like snout that’s scrunched in and a wide mouth. This gives them an endearing smile. Whether a puppy or adult, they make the best breed!


loving by nature.

Sometimes this breed gets mistaken as aggressive or violent. This is not the case at all, unless they have been abused or improperly trained. They really are big softies when it comes to the people they love. Rottweilers don’t mind a cuddle session or kiss fest and may even initiate one! They are big lovers and will show you in many unique ways.


Photo by: @ryder_the_rottweiler


enjoy being around people.

The Rottweiler is a social dog that loves being around people and other animals! They enjoy every second of company time and can’t wait for more. These dogs do not do well being caged for long periods of time. They also prefer to be in a pack, so alone time is not recommended.


a quiet breed.

Barking is not a big part of a Rottweilers personality. They are usually quiet, calm dogs. Their vocalization is limited to only getting the attention of their owners and warning possible threats of themselves. They do have an impressively deep bark and will alert you to trouble.

The Truth about the Labrador Retriever.

Life is Better with a Lab!

Photo by: @leonidaslabrador

Labrador Retrievers: Your automatic best friend.

Photo by: @finleigh.thechocolatelab


Adaptable in any family!

The Labrador Retriever is a very easy-going dog. They can get along with anyone and are great with children of any age! Labs are considered the best family companion. Their is no second guessing this dogs devotion to his family.


Wonderful swimmers.

No denying theses dogs in the water! The Lab is known for its double coat and webbed feet that make swimming an easy task. Their coat is also water-repellent to help them stay dry.


Photo by: @puppy_win


Popular pup!

This breed was ranked the #1 Most Popular Dog Breed by the American Kennel Club five years in a row! Labs are known for their bulky bodies and broad neck. There are not many places you can take these pups without knowing what breed they are.


Prone to obesity.

The Labrador Retriever can get a little carried away when it comes to food! It is not recommended that these dogs be on a free feeding diet. They need a controlled diet with high quality food! It is also very important that they get daily exercise to regulate their muscles.

Photo by: @sophia_the_blacklab


They are very energetic!

A walk will not suffice this pup. These working dogs are retrievers! They enjoy hunting and are excellent in many different training activities. Swimming is another one of their favorite things to do; this helps keep them in shape.


Amazing service pets.

Labradors’ are one of the most common service animals in the United States. These pups have an eager to please attitude like no other! They are commonly leading dogs and diabetic alert dogs.

Photo by: @theunofficialhank



Canadian born, Great Britain raised.

The Labrador Retriever was first discovered by the British. When they discovered what a great breed the Lab was, they migrated them from their homeland in Canada to Britain. This is when the breed started growing in popularity and evolving.


A social butterfly!

These pups will greet you with a smile and a tail wag every time! They love all things (people and animals alike.) Labrador Retrievers’ have a good-nature and are very involved with their owners.

Photo by: @rosie_lab_life

25 Top Pit Bull Girl Names.

“The only thing inherently dangerous about Pit Bulls is an uneducated opinion.”


Photo by: @aspen_fay

1.Aspen – Inspired by nature. This girly name is ideal for any pit bull in your life. origin: English

2. Baby – This is a very endearing name for your special girl. Whether she’s a small puppy or strong adult, this will fit perfectly! origin: American

3. Tammy – This name is usually a nickname for other names such as Tamara or Tamar. It is super unique and very cute! origin: Hebrew

4. Tilly – meaning mighty, Any muscular active girl would make a great Tilly! origin: German

Photo by: @tilly_the_pittyy

5. Daphne – Meaning bay tree, this will suit your adventurous girl. She loves to be outside and can spend hours playing in the yard. origin: Greek

6. Greta – This lovely name means “pearl.” Any cute girl would fit to this nicely! origin: German

Photo by: @baby.girl.greta

7. Farrah – This royal name means beauty. An exceptional name for your gorgeous pitty. origin: Persian

8. Artemis – the Greek goddess of the moon and hunting. This can be used for your pit bull who loves using their senses to find things. Whether it be toys, treats, or small prey. origin: Greek

Photo by: @artemis_the_bully

9. Canella – meaning canal, this will fit your favorite swimmer perfectly! Any pit bull who loves the ocean or fresh water should be named Canella. origin: Italian

10. Piper – I just love P names for pit bulls. This name is closely related to the whistle and would easily fit a girl that is being trained on whistle command. origin: English

11. Daisy – Just like the flower! This name is generic enough to be used for any sweet girl. It also makes a great training name since its two syllable. origin: English

12. Iggy – This name resembles fire. If you have a fierce, bold girl I would highly recommend this strong name! origin: Roman

Photo by: @iggytheprettypittie

13. Blue – I would recommend this name for a blue nose pitty. This name might be more common, but it doesn’t take away from how awesome it is! origin: American

14. Cassie – This name means “shining upon men.” Cassie would be best suited for a girl that is the sibling of boy dogs or just surrounded by men in general! origin: Greek

15. Kino – Associated with a wandering soul. A great name for your pup if they love to take the long way home! Or if they seem to never really want to come home at all. origin: Japanese

Photo by: @kino_pupp

16. Shanty – A gift from God. Any pup is a gift, but especially pit bulls! If you love your dog and believe she is a gift to you, this might be the name for you! origin: Indian

17. Zarah – For the princess in your life! This elegant name falls under the princess category. It also means “to blossom.” origin: Hebrew

18. Romona – A very strong name. Romona means “protecting hands”, this will be a wonderful name for the protector in your family! origin: Spanish

19. Mocha – Meaning chocolate, this name is very sweet! Use it for any sweet bully that you love. origin: English

Photo by: @livin_lavida_mocha

20. Jojo – Born on a Monday. If you’ve known your precious girl since birth, and it happened to be a Monday Jojo is for you! This name will help you to always remember the beginning of her life, even at the end. origin: African

21. Dahlia – This beautiful name is associated with flowers. If you were looking for something gentle and feminine look no further! origin: Scandinavian

22. Marley – Although this name is unisex, it makes a superb girl name! Any dog would fit this name well. There are also several nickname options as well like: Mar, Lee, Arley, Marl etc. origin: English

Photo by: @marleypitbull

23. Sienna – Meaning “orange-red”, this name is a must for any like colored girl! Any red nose pit bull would be a perfect candidate for Sienna! origin: Italian

24. Xena – For the welcoming, friendly girl in your home. Xena means hospitable, so it would be great for any pit bull that loves people! origin: Greek

25. Lola – This name is perfect for a sassy girl. There are plenty of Lolas out there, but there is only one for you! origin: Spanish

Photo by: @lola.the.pittbull