10 Things Great Pyrenees Are Known For.

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Photo by: @capecod.greatpyr

Naturally Protective

The Great Pyrenees was bred as a livestock guardian dog. This gives them the will to protect their owners. Their everlasting loyalty is one solid trait in all Pyrenees.

Photo by: @summit_the_greatpyr

Royauté de France

This breed was popularized in France during the Renaissance. They were owned by many French royals. The Great Pyrenees was valued so much for their intense scents of smell and hearing.

Photo by: @clouddapup

Smarty Pants

These working dogs are very intelligent. They are incredibly observational and catch on quickly to things. There willingness to learn makes them easier to train!

Photo by: @fauxfarmfixer


Gigantic Pups

The Great Pyrenees weighs anywhere from 85 to 140 pounds! They are very large, and their thick luscious coat only adds to their size. They are known as one of the largest mountain dogs.

Photo by: @cha_cha_great_pyrenees

Your Mellow Mate

The breed is known to be very calm and patient. This means they are good with kids. Don’t mistake them for easy-going though, they can spring into action in a split second if needed!

Photo by: @ranger_tails

Low Maintenance Coat

Surprisingly, the Great Pyrenees doesn’t require tons of grooming needs. Their double coat is tangle and dirt resistant. Brushing is the only thing you will want to keep up on. This will help with the shedding.

Photo by: @danielleannreim

The Perfect Cuddler

Don’t let these strong beasts fool you, they love snuggling up with their loved ones. There’s plenty of warmth to go around! This breed is especially affectionate and will show you all the time.

Photo by: @maybelles_great_adventures

Ancient Pooch

The first known remains of the Great Pyrenees date back to the Bronze Age. We’re talking 1800-1000 BC! Now that’s some serious history. They didn’t appear in the United States until 1824 though.

Photo by: @saycheese_brie


Snow White Coat

The breed standard for this pup includes a white or mostly white coat. It is not uncommon to see markings on their coat. Grey, reddish brown, and tan are the most frequently seen colors.

Photo by: @dss.luna

Great In Cold Climates

Their thick coat helps keep them warm in harsh winter weather. They have a double coat especially for the winter. The usually shed it by spring to lighten up for the warmer months.

Photo by: @eloisethegreatpyrenees

Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed

There’s only about two bad things that come with owning a dog. One being shedding. There are many reasons why people look for light shedding dogs. Some include: allergies, maintenance, cleanliness etc. For whatever reason your looking for a modest shedder we’ve got you covered!

Photo by: @standard_poodle_pals

1. Poodle – Known for their curly coat and cute hair cuts. These pooches do not shed. You will very rarely see fur flying with this breed. However, they do require frequent grooming to keep up with their growing fur. Trimmings will ensure their is no shedding.

2. Scottish Terrier – This loyal furiend is a great breed to consider! They are wire-coated, which tends to be easier on shedding. Since this coat type is a little bit rougher, it doesn’t require extensive maintenance. Usually, Scottish Terriers only need a trim once or twice a year.

Photo by: @mars.the.whippet

3. Whippet – This speedy breed is a medium-sized dog with a short coat. Their silk fur makes them a great candidate for anyone who doesn’t want a lot of fluff. They don’t require haircuts or grooming, but it is important to keep their coat healthy and clean.

4. Scottish Deerhound – This breed is not as common as some of the others, but well deserved a mention! They also have a wiry coat. It is crucial to brush these dogs weekly, because their fur can become matted easily. If you come across this breed, don’t look any further!

Photo by: @rocketthesaluki

5. Saluki – This Egyptian dog is royal and regal! With such a short coat, they don’t require much maintenance and just need to be kept clean and brushed. Their shedding should be minimal. They do have a little bit longer hair around their ears and tail.

6. Puli – A very unique breed indeed! These Hungarian sweethearts will always turn heads. Their long coat resembles a mop head, but don’t let that fool you! They don’t shed. It is also common for them to be trimmed short to prevent matting.

Photo by: @sammy__the__schnauzer

7. Shnauzer – This can apply for mini, giant and standard Shnauzers. These dogs barely shed due to their double layer coat. However, because of their long fur it is recommended they get a trim. Even their mustaches continues to grow!

8. Portuguese Water Dog – Considered hypoallergenic, this breed is a super awesome choice for a family pet! They love the water and have the perfect coat for it. While all dogs have dander; the Portuguese Water Dog is the closest you can get to shed free.

Fun Fact: President Barack Obama owned a Portuguese Water Dog named Bo while residing in the White House!

Photo by: @wringley_golden.doodle

8. Golden-doodle – This mixed breed beauty is becoming very popular and easy to find! They tend to keep the coat style of the Poodle and the color of the Golden Retriever. This is another dog considered to be hypoallergenic.

9. Bichon Frise – One of The AKC’s top picks for people with allergies who want a dog. They are bred to be hypoallergenic. Since they do not shed, it is important to keep up with their growing coat. Grooming is a must!

10. Afghan Hound – This high energy breed is at the top of non-shedding dogs! They have a long luxurious coat that requires pampering. Exchange your vacuum for frequent bathes and brushing.