Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

There are several beliefs on why dogs eat grass. Here’s what we think!

Photo by: @daisy.the.cavie

1. They aren’t getting enough fiber.

Surprisingly, grass is packed with nutrient. Loaded with fiber, this can be a way for your dog to tell you they need more fiber in their diet. Studies show that after switching a dog to a high fiber diet, the grazing stopped. Grass should never be a replacement for food or treats, but do not worry too much if your dog isn’t showing any other signs!

2. They like the way it tastes.

Some dogs just like the way grass tastes plain and simple! It doesn’t always mean your dog has an upset stomach. If your pup has a habit of nibbling away at your landscape regularly, then I’d doubt it’s because of a stomach issue. Their palate is very different from ours. Even though grass sounds disgusting to us, to them it’s a free for all in the backyard!


3. They are treating intestinal worms.

Sometimes, this can be a sign there is actually something wrong with your pup. While eating grass on it’s own doesn’t mean your dog is struggling with worms, there are also some symptoms that should be taken into consideration. If your pouch is having other stomach issues like vomiting or diarrhea, low energy, a change in appetite, or weight loss they should be taken to the vet immediately!

Photo by: @chaoticecho

4. They are bored.

This can be a sign your dog is just simply bored. If they have been extra hyper and wanting you to play more, I’d say they need more entertainment. Some dogs require more to occupy their mind and body. Whether this means taking them hiking or letting them come along on a car ride, it will make a big difference!

Photo by: @donnietheaussiecollie

5. They are trying to flush their system.

This instinct has been tested in dogs for many years. If your pup had eaten something they weren’t supposed to, this is their way of getting it back up. Dogs who are trying to make themselves vomit will usually swallow grass as fast as they can. They will also do this if they are experiencing constipation, in an attempt to loosen things up.

Photo by: @itsbaileythespringer