The Joy of Owning a Labradoodle!

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This fun breed is known for many amazing features!

Enjoy our breakdown of this Poodle Labrador mix.

They come in 3 different sizes!

Miniature – Between 14 and 16 inches, and weigh between 15 to 25 pounds.

Medium – Between 17 and 20 inches, and weigh between 30 to 45 pounds.

Standard – Between 21 and 24 inches, and weigh between 50 to 65 pounds.

Perfect for the family!

They have an awesome temperament, and are usually easy going. Labradoodles are easily bothered and get along with everyone! This happy breed makes life even better.

Not a big shedder.

The Labradoodle is known for having very curly hair, similar to a Poodle. Even though this can vary, they usually are too bad in the shedding department!

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The best of both worlds!

This Labrador Retriever Poodle mix is one of the more common mixed breed dogs! They get their coat from the Poodle, and sometimes their color from the Labrador Retriever. This means there are endless color combinations for this pup! From tan to black, and everything in between.

The brainiac breed!

Extra ordinarily smart is an understatement! These pups are among one of the smartest dogs known. They get their brains from both breeds! Training goes quick and is a breeze.


Photo by: @pistachiothepuppy