Saying Goodbye: How to Cope with the Loss of a Dog.

So today is the worst day of your life. Anyone knows that losing a pet is an indescribable feeling of pain. We don’t get nearly enough time with our dogs before they leave us for the rainbow bridge.

And it’s okay to be sad, these pups were our lives! They depended on us for so many things; and we were happy to do these things for them. Believe it or not, we also depended on them. They are our everything! Our alarm clock on a dark winter morning, our private security guard outside the bathroom door, our shoulder to cry on, our pillow to lay on, and most importantly our best bud!

R.I.P May 💗 10.13.18 – 10.23.19

Photo by: @mmay.stellaa

“I met May in October but I also lost her in October. May was loved by many people and she will be forever be missed. I thank her for many things. There’s something missing in my home, I feel it day and night. I know it will take time and strength before things feel quite right, but for now I need to mourn; my heart it needs to mend. Though some may say it’s just a pet I know I’ve lost a friend. She brought so much laughter to my life. She will forever live in our heart! My sweet forever pet. October 13th, 2018 was my favorite day, and October 27th,2019 was the worst day.”

It’s very important to remember that they loved us with every inch of their furry body. No matter what point you came into their life at, you are the last thing they will remember. They won’t think about the time you said no or the time you yelled at them for tearing up your expensive couch. So you shouldn’t either.

Please remember the good times. The times in the park playing fetch for hours. The times at the beach when your pup was afraid of the water. When you first brought your dog home and waited for their reaction to each new thing they’d see. All the car rides spent with the windows down (even if it did mess up your hair.) The walks and explorations you went on. Just because they are gone, doesn’t mean those precious memories are gone. Eventually, those memories will leave you with a smile.

R.I.P Angel 💙 02.27.19 – 10.09.19

Photo by: @huskysec

You can’t stop the fun now though! Please don’t give up. I know you are probably thinking, “I’ll never have a dog again, it’s too painful.” Lots of things in life are painful. This one especially. There is no better way to mend your heart than by saving another one. So many dogs need us. And every year so many are failed. It’s okay to think, “No dog can replace mine.” This is because no dog will. Dogs are irreplaceable. Each has their own unique personality and quarks.

“There will never be another dog like mine.”

This is to be said about your late and present dog, and will remain true for as long as you live.

R.I.P Benji 💛 02.27.19 – 11.15.19

“You were my favorite hello, and my hardest goodbye.”

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♥ Fly high babies and remember you are loved deeply and endlessly FUR-ever. ♥