5 Things Only Maltese Owners Understand.

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Photo by: @maltese_luna19


OMG Your Dog is SOOOOOO Cute!

There’s no denying this! Your used to being stopped in public for your adorable little pooch, odds are you probably like it now. These little fur balls attract a lot of attention, and everyone wants to know what breed it is.


It’s A Lot of Grooming!

With gorgeous fur like Maltese’s, there is work to be done! Daily brushing is a must to help keep their luscious fur from getting tangled and matted. You also should pay close attention to hair getting in their eyes. Frequent cleaning of the eyes is very important!

Photo by: @maltese_anniemarie


They’re Up For a Challenge.

The Maltese is not lazy by any means! They love to play and work for their treats. It’s good to find interactive toys for them to figure out! They will definitely appreciate it.


Not a HUGE Shedder.

Surprisingly, this breed does not shed dramatically. Their long fur is more hair like, so it’s also better for people with allergies. This is a big bonus and sometimes have a deciding factor in the type of dog people chose.


They Just Don’t Like Doing Their Business Outside.

This breed is notorious for being difficult to potty train. Whether it’s pure stubbornness or a lack on understanding, you’ll agree it probably took longer to get them up to speed.

Photo by: @shirokumaltese