25 Top Pit Bull Boy Names.

“Don’t bully my breed.”

-Pit Bull Owners

Photo by: @abe.pit

1. Abraham – This is a very biblical name meaning “father of many nations.” If you are very spiritual this might be the name for you! origin: Hebrew

2. Sebastian – A very popular name, but also a very masculine one. There are many different bullys out there that would take to this name very well! origin: Latin

3. Enzo – Literally meaning “winner.” It would suit a competitive pit bull who loves playing! origin: Italian

4. Kanan – Meaning “forest”, I would consider this name for any pitty that loves the fresh outdoors. If hiking is something you do with your pal, Kanan looks like a great option! origin: Indian

Photo by: @kanan_the_pit

5. Russel – Perfect for a red nosed pit bull. Russel means “red-haired.” origin: French

6. Levi – Do you have a pup with horrible separation anxiety. Or just follows you around E V E R Y W H E R E. Levi will work for you! Meaning “attached” this will be perfect for your pit. origin: Hebrew

7. Tiger – For the brindle colored baby in your life. This is a fierce name and will live up to your expectations. origin: English

8. Bowie – Meaning “yellow or fair-haired.” A light colored pit bull is the best for this name. origin: Scottish

Photo by: @bowie_the_one_eyed_pittie

9. Spurgeon – This name is very unique and will definitely turn heads! It was most popular in the 1800’s. You probably won’t ever meet another Spurgeon in your life time! origin: Scandinavian

10. Zazu – Meaning movement, this name is for any hyper active boy. I love this name because it is an awesome training name and super unique! origin: Hebrew

11. Blaine – An exciting name that not many have used recently! Blaine is associated with “lean or thin.” This can work for your dog if he isn’t a super big guy. origin: Gaelic

12. Thrasher – This is a super cool name for a super cool pup! origin: English

Photo by: @iam_trasher

13. Tank – For the bulky pit bull in your life! This is a great protector name as well! origin: American

14. Bosco – Meaning “from the woods.” Bosco will make a great name for an active doggy! origin: Italian

15. Conroy – This name means “wise.” It is perfect for your super smart pitty! origin: Gaelic

16. Buddy – A friendly name for the friendly pup in your home. Anyone would love to have a Buddy! origin: English

Photo by: @buddy_the_pitt

17. Jonas – This relates to a “peaceful being.” Jonas is best suited for your shy and calm bully. origin: Hebrew

18. Thunder – A perfect name for the vocal pit bull. This name is also very masculine. origin: English

19. Triton – God of the sea. A water loving pit would suit this name extremely well! origin: Greek

Photo by: @iam__triton

20. Pluto – This name has two meanings, the first being “wealth,” and the second “dwarf planet.” Either way you look at it, Pluto makes an awesome dog name! origin: Greek

21. Xavier – Meaning “new house.” A great name for a new dog! origin: Spanish

22. Azul – meaning “blue” in Spanish. This would make a great name for a blue nosed pit bull! origin: Spanish

Photo by: @azulythebully

23. Balcom – An extremely peculiar name. This is a great option if you are looking for easy names for training. origin: Scottish

24. Elvis – After the American singer and actor. This name is super cool and fun! origin: Scandinavian

25. Porter – This name is super cute and can be used inter changeable with shorter nicknames. For example, Porty, Port, Por Por etc. This name means “doorkeeper,” and is perfect for the dog who loves to great everyone at the door! origin: Scottish