25 Top Pit Bull Girl Names.

“The only thing inherently dangerous about Pit Bulls is an uneducated opinion.”


Photo by: @aspen_fay

1.Aspen – Inspired by nature. This girly name is ideal for any pit bull in your life. origin: English

2. Baby – This is a very endearing name for your special girl. Whether she’s a small puppy or strong adult, this will fit perfectly! origin: American

3. Tammy – This name is usually a nickname for other names such as Tamara or Tamar. It is super unique and very cute! origin: Hebrew

4. Tilly – meaning mighty, Any muscular active girl would make a great Tilly! origin: German

Photo by: @tilly_the_pittyy

5. Daphne – Meaning bay tree, this will suit your adventurous girl. She loves to be outside and can spend hours playing in the yard. origin: Greek

6. Greta – This lovely name means “pearl.” Any cute girl would fit to this nicely! origin: German

Photo by: @baby.girl.greta

7. Farrah – This royal name means beauty. An exceptional name for your gorgeous pitty. origin: Persian

8. Artemis – the Greek goddess of the moon and hunting. This can be used for your pit bull who loves using their senses to find things. Whether it be toys, treats, or small prey. origin: Greek

Photo by: @artemis_the_bully

9. Canella – meaning canal, this will fit your favorite swimmer perfectly! Any pit bull who loves the ocean or fresh water should be named Canella. origin: Italian

10. Piper – I just love P names for pit bulls. This name is closely related to the whistle and would easily fit a girl that is being trained on whistle command. origin: English

11. Daisy – Just like the flower! This name is generic enough to be used for any sweet girl. It also makes a great training name since its two syllable. origin: English

12. Iggy – This name resembles fire. If you have a fierce, bold girl I would highly recommend this strong name! origin: Roman

Photo by: @iggytheprettypittie

13. Blue – I would recommend this name for a blue nose pitty. This name might be more common, but it doesn’t take away from how awesome it is! origin: American

14. Cassie – This name means “shining upon men.” Cassie would be best suited for a girl that is the sibling of boy dogs or just surrounded by men in general! origin: Greek

15. Kino – Associated with a wandering soul. A great name for your pup if they love to take the long way home! Or if they seem to never really want to come home at all. origin: Japanese

Photo by: @kino_pupp

16. Shanty – A gift from God. Any pup is a gift, but especially pit bulls! If you love your dog and believe she is a gift to you, this might be the name for you! origin: Indian

17. Zarah – For the princess in your life! This elegant name falls under the princess category. It also means “to blossom.” origin: Hebrew

18. Romona – A very strong name. Romona means “protecting hands”, this will be a wonderful name for the protector in your family! origin: Spanish

19. Mocha – Meaning chocolate, this name is very sweet! Use it for any sweet bully that you love. origin: English

Photo by: @livin_lavida_mocha

20. Jojo – Born on a Monday. If you’ve known your precious girl since birth, and it happened to be a Monday Jojo is for you! This name will help you to always remember the beginning of her life, even at the end. origin: African

21. Dahlia – This beautiful name is associated with flowers. If you were looking for something gentle and feminine look no further! origin: Scandinavian

22. Marley – Although this name is unisex, it makes a superb girl name! Any dog would fit this name well. There are also several nickname options as well like: Mar, Lee, Arley, Marl etc. origin: English

Photo by: @marleypitbull

23. Sienna – Meaning “orange-red”, this name is a must for any like colored girl! Any red nose pit bull would be a perfect candidate for Sienna! origin: Italian

24. Xena – For the welcoming, friendly girl in your home. Xena means hospitable, so it would be great for any pit bull that loves people! origin: Greek

25. Lola – This name is perfect for a sassy girl. There are plenty of Lolas out there, but there is only one for you! origin: Spanish

Photo by: @lola.the.pittbull