10 Things You Will Understand If You Own A Cane Corso.

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Photo by: @canecorso_bronx.and.jeter


Your bed is their bed.

These tough dogs love to be close to their loved ones. Their sensitive nature makes them great cuddlers!


Your used to the drooling by now.

Any time there is a snack around, you’re already prepared for the waterfall. This is part of their begging tactics.

Photo by: @lacey.corso


Your knight in shining armor.

The Cane Corso is an extremely protective breed. They will be right by your side to the very end!


They will out run you in seconds.

These pups are immensely quick and agile. They have been known to out run even the fastest of runners!


Photo by: @corso_velvet


No, not a Pitbull.

While we love Pitbulls, it can get kind of annoying having to explain our pup isn’t one. Although they are both in the mastiff group, Cane Corso’s tend to be bigger.


We avoid taking them near small animals.

Distracted is an understatement when it comes to the Cane Corso’s need to chase small animals. Their prey drive is very high and any small squirrel or bird will send them bolting!

Photo by: @morris_and_wesley


They are always themselves.

Cane Corso owners know just how fun-loving this breed is. They never fail to put a smile on your face!


We have to be convincing if they aren’t interested in doing something.

Persuasion is a trick every Cano Corso owner has mastered. But don’t worry, it gets easier I promise.


Photo by: @canecorso.zeus.medusa


Stuck like glue.

A Cane Corso’s number 1 priority in life is to spend time with family. They love the comfort and serenity of being around those they love.


A dog with an ego.

These dogs are beautiful and they know it. They have a regal appearance that screams confidence.