Best Dog Toys of January 2020!

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Spunky Pup fetch & glow ball

“It is the only toy I like to play with! I love playing fetch with my humans and I can see it when it’s dark! My mom got it for me when there was a storm and we lost power so I would still have something to play with!”

Photo by: @sammy_the_senior_dachshund

Dog rope toy – mini – boots & barkley

“Neela is a toy shredder! This rope is long lasting, I’ve had it for about six months now. It’s great because she hasn’t been able to destroy and unravel it yet like other rope toys.”

Photo by: @neelatheweina


KONG Classic Flyer Frisbee Dog Toy

“Dis is meh favorite toy ever! It’s a KONG Frisbee so it’s flexible AND more fun to play with! It acts just like a regular frisbee but since it’s flexible you can do more.”

Photo by: @fluffy.husky.chief

Margarita loco by lulubelles power plush

“Bluebelle loves being apart of girls night with her own margarita! It’s squeaky, plush, and hiliarious.”

Photo by: @bluebellethefloof

nerf 3-ring tug dog toy

“One of Finn’s favorite toys is the NERF dog tug toy! He’s played with this bad boy every day since Christmas and there’s not even one single teefies mark to be found! If you have yourself a super chewer, run to target and thank me later! This thing CANNOT be destroyed!”

Photo by: @finniganbernardcollins


vibrant life cozy buddy sock monkey

“Charlie his monkey was his lovey since infancy. He would carry it everywhere. Plus it’s cute for photography.”

Photo by: @itsapollothehusky

KONG safestix dog toy

“Henry loves sticks but is it really dangerous to play with wood. So the KONG SafeStix is perfect for him. It is undestroyable so far. (Henry destroys most toys in no time.)”

Photo by: @henry_the_dobermann


“I have a lapdog who doesn’t really need to be outdoors all the time – so this ball solves all my indoor fetch problems. My dogs very tiny, but always loves a challenge with toys that are “bigger” to her, so it’s always a great option for her to cuddle with or chomp down on as she’s also teething! I also love it’s unique, fun designer design. It’s just different to all the normal dog toys, and gives more of a human appeal to the toy, which I find interesting.”

Photo by: @lunathemaltesee


KONG cozie marvin the moose plush Dog Toy

“The KONG Cozie has been a great durable stuffed toy for our pint sized super chewer. This toy has been the only one to survive the teething phase and he still carries it everywhere with him.”

Photo by: @hyde_the_bullterror

chuckit! Ultra squeaker ball

“Although it seems like it’s just a ball, whether we’re playing fetch, or Duke is simply holding it in his mouth, he can’t seem to get enough of his favorite toy!”

Photo by: @dukeythedobie

aussie naturals parrot flattie dog toy

“I can’t decide which toy I like more, but the leather feels good on my teething puppy mouth, and the toy has six squeakers so I take him everywhere.”

Photo by: @pheeboroni

KONG spiral ring Dog Toy

“Don’t let this weirdly shaped toy fool you, it’s a winner! If you’ve got a big chewer, this toy is perfect for your pup! It dispenses treats, it’s durable, it doesn’t make sounds and your pup will love shaking it around! Moose gives it two paws up!”

Photo by: @moose_the_pyr

Grriggles monkeys first knot rope toy

“This chew toy is Iverson’s favorite! The rope material is great for his teeth and also helps me to throw it further to give him more exercise and fun!”

Photo by: @iverson_groodle

Best Dog Toys of December 2019!

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With the holidays approaching, this is the perfect opportunity to find some great last minute toys for your pooch!

Lumabone Bacon flavored wishbone

“This bone is great because it will keep Genesis entertained for hours. It seems to calm her down and get her focused on one thing.”

Photo by: @genesis.gsd

KONG low stuff speckles pig

“I absolutely love the KONG low stuffed toys for my puppy, she is very hard on toys and these tend to last way longer than the usual brand. Plus there isn’t much stuffing so it doesn’t leave much of a mess!”

Photo by: @kyiathekorso

pet champion interactive durable dog rope toy

“Zuko loves his rope toys. They are great for fetch and tug of war but also seem like a security blanket that he likes to carry with him around the house.”

Photo by: @zuko_therottie


Dog mega rope toy

“Mavis loves chasing this rope and playing tug of war and it is my go to toy to play with if I want to tire her out! This rope toy is virtually indestructible and has been left in the rain and hot sun and is still like new. $7 from Kmart, this is a great value dog toy!”

Photo by: @whippet_of_oz

KONG funster ring dog toy

“It’s the perfect chew rope with a squeaky surprise! Great for his teething.”

Photo by: @ivar_thedoberman

KONG tug dog toy

Plain & simple on the advantages of this toy over a rope:

1. Can chew it like a rope without eating any rope!

2. Can play tug of war with any of his human friends.

3. Can turn into a treat by adding some peanut butter on it.

Photo by: @rax_attack


holiday tails ho ho hoot owl rope-center plush dog toy

“What is more amazing than a dog having a secret party with his cuddle buddies…… an owl, a reindeer, and a pickle.”

Photo by: @little.charmy.winston

jolly pets teaser ball

“The Jolly Ball is awesome because it’s a ball within a ball, so it sparks curiosity. It also holds up well to chewing! My dog loves it!”

Photo by: @loma_shepsky

The SAFE Alternative to Raw Bones.

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This blog means the world to me and I enjoy being able to communicate with you guys about our love for animals! In order to keep this site free and accessible to everyone I must pay several fees. If you enjoy my content and like what I am doing, please consider helping my website!

Sometimes antlers and other raw bones can be harmful to your dogs teeth. Certain breeds have a stronger bite force and unknowingly grind down their teeth on these raw bones.

Alternative bones that aren’t as hard are a great option and will keep your pups teeth intact. Lumabone specializes in these types of toys and even have dental chews!

Lumabone offers 3 different styles of bones so every dog wins!

The Stick

This is the closest bone resembling chew they offer at the moment. It is made from real maple wood! If your pup loves finding sticks in the backyard, they’ll love this too! The best part, it’s all made in the USA.

The Wishbone

This durable chew is personally my dogs favorite. It comes bacon flavored which might be the best part! Lumabone strategically made the wishbone chew so that dogs could have a strong grip on the bone. This means hours of uninterrupted chew time!

The Dental Chew

Specifically made to promote healthy and strong teeth. This bone has two holes at each end and ridges on each side to help your pooch grip their new favorite toy. Don’t worry though! These chews have been modified, the holes will not trap your dogs canine teeth. This has been an ongoing problem with many different brands. Luckily, Lumabone is one step ahead of the problem!

Photo by: @genesis.gsd

Another great thing about these bones is that they don’t break apart into small pieces. Usually with other bones you run the risk of your dog choking on a piece of broken off bone. While it is never recommended to let your pup chew on a bone without supervision, Lumabone understands accidents happen. These bones are made 100% from nylon. (The stick has maple wood as well)

Best Dog Toys of November 2019!

Photo by: @pierredownthere

Pet Molar Bite Toy with Suction Cup Self-Playing Rubber Chew Ball

This is the perfect toy for a pup who loves to play tug-of-war! They will spend hours playing with this.

Be Nordic Octopus Ocke

“This is my favorite toy octopus ocke. It has so many arms and I love to chew on them! It also makes noises when I chew, that’s why I love it.”

Photo by: @amazing.minou


ZippyPaws Happy Hour Crusherz Drink Themed Crunchy Water Bottle Dog Toy

This party themed toy is a perfect choice for your pet! The crunchy sound and texture will keep your pooch entertained for hours.


“This monkey is one of my favorite toys. It’s great for tug-a-war with hoomans and it even squeaks!”

Photo by: @rottieboynero

KONG tires dog toy

An extremely durable toy for the destroyer in your home. You won’t have to worry about this one being torn into shreds.

Nerf dog squeaker ball dog toy

“Gunner is super active and his favorite toy is his ball. These toys last through tough chews and are great for plays at the park or the beach.”

Photo by: @gone_with_gunner

frisco muscle plush squeaking tiger dog toy

If your pup loves stuffed animal toys, then this one is a great option. Not only does it have a hard body for chewing, it also squeaks for hours of play!

Best Dog Toys of September 2019!

Photo by: @genesis.gsd

Photo by: @gunnerdobgsd

With so many options, why settle for anything less than the best?

Multipet Loofa “Ruff” Latex Dog Toy

Kong Wild Knots Bear Dog Toy

Photo by: @white.golden.mila

Chuckit! Paraflight Flyer

Leaps & Bounds Rope Tug Braided 3 Ring Dog Toy

Photo by: @brunothedalmatiann

Starmark Bob-A-lot Interactive Dog Toy

leaps & bounds play plush hot dog dog toy

Photo by: @eva.and.bailey

benebone bacon flavored wishbone chew toy

KONG Jumbler Ball Dog Toy

Photo by: @adventurous.nova

KONG Goodie Bone Dog Toy

Kong Woozles Blue Medium

Photo by: @finleigh.thechocolatelab