Why You Should Adopt From a Shelter.

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One of the most satisfying things you can do in life is adopt an animal. The need for homeless animals is an ongoing struggle that just seems to increase everyday.

So many stray, abused, returned animals end up in rescues for no fault of their own.

Here are a few we love,

FloridaBorn Free Pet Shelter

DelawareGrass Roots Rescue

FloridaHumans and Animals United

FloridaBells Promise Animal Rescue


Saving a life.

If you are interested in getting a pet, the shelter is a great place to look. You’ll be opening up space for more homeless animals. Plus, you’ll be giving an animal the gift of a better life.



Shelters and rescues do not charge nearly as much as breeders or pet stores do. Their fees are also put into bettering the living conditions of the homeless animals. Depending on the shelter, it can range from $50 to $500. That’s only a quarter of the cost some breeders and pet stores charge.

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Responsible way to end overpopulation.

The amount of homeless animals just in the United States is outrageous, imagine the whole world. By rescuing you positively contribute to this ongoing problem. Instead of supporting breeders who add to the number of animals needing a home, you contribute in lowering the number.


Your vet fees don’t start out horrific.

Usually, the shelter will pay for any necessary shots before handing over the animal. Also, some vet hospitals will do services for shelters at a cheaper cost. Spay and neuters might also be done so you don’t have to worry about spending for the surgery.

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A unique variety of breeds.

If you are really unsure about the type of dog or cat you want, or you just don’t care the shelter is perfect for you! There is an abundance of mixed and purebred animals in shelters. So you can pretty much find anything there!


It’s worth it.

These animals are worth it! They deserve a beautiful life. Shelter animals have so much life to love and happiness to bring. They might even be a little wiser than the others.

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Mixed Breeds of the Month | January 2020

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No better way to start 2020 than with a collection of the cutest mutts around!

Plenty of dogs just like these ones need homes. You can find an abundance of mixed breed dogs in shelters all across the globe.

If you are willing to open your heart to a furry friend here are some great rescues.

Born Free Pet Shelter

Humans & Animals United

PAWS Monclair

Operation Kindness

German shepherd dog + Siberian husky

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Golden retriever + Poodle

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Alaskan malamute + akita

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catahoula leopard dog + Australian cattle dog + chow chow + german shepherd dog + Labrador Retriever

Photo by: @braxtonthebrindle

border collie + bernese mountain dog

Photo by: @nola.themixedpup

golden retriever + border collie

Photo by: @kotabear111