The Beagle: A Man’s Best Friend.

Photo by: @charli.the.beagle

” A home is not complete without the pitter-patter of Beagle feet!”


A great first dog!

The Beagle is a very gentle dog that is easily controlled. Their small stature makes them perfect for older owners and children. They are extremely friendly dogs and get along well with mostly everyone! The Beagle is a great option if you have never owned a dog before.


English hunting dog.

These pups were originally bred to track small animals. They are considered scent hounds and use their nose when seeking prey. Modern beagles are now used as detection dogs and are brilliant at it!

Photo by: @evadivabeagle


A light shedder.

Due to their short coat, Beagles are on the lighter side of shedders. They have a double coat that can get thicker in the colder months. It is always a good idea to brush your pooch at least once a week. This will guarantee minimal coat loss.


Ready to play!

For a small dog, these pups have loads of energy. They are working dogs who love to be challenged. They enjoy using their canine senses as much as they can! Your Beagle would benefit from daily walks or hikes. This will give them the opportunity to explore new smells and sounds. These dogs do not do well being alone for long periods of time. They will show signs of restlessness and destruction if not properly exercised.

“I love the breed as they are so loving and mischievous. They can be a handful if not stimulated, but they love to work and learn new things. This is rewarding for not only them but the owner as well!”

Photo by: @daisythebeagle___


The pocket Beagle is extincted.

This miniature Beagle is around five to six inches smaller than the traditional Beagle. They were first introduced in the 1400’s by Queen Elizabeth. She was notorious for owning several pocket Beagles. Unfortunately, the original bloodline of the breed is now no longer. Any variation to the Beagle now will not be an original pocket Beagle.



The breed standard.

Naturally all Beagles have floppy ears. They are usually un-proportional to their body, but that’s what make them so cute! They use their ears a lot to track down smaller prey. Their coats are relatively short and flat. The acceptable coat color is listed as any type of hound coloring.

This includes:

  • Lemon and White
  • White and Tan
  • Tri-color
  • Chocolate Tri-color
  • White and Chocolate
  • Orange and White
  • Red and White

Photo by: @obi_azar_the_beagle


Very food driven.

These cuties love their treats! Beagles are known to eat… A LOT. There is not much a Beagle won’t do for a snack. This can end up being your furry friends downfall though. Beagles are prone to obesity. This can get out of control quickly if proper actions aren’t taken. It is recommended that Beagles should be on a high protein diet with lots of exercise. They are also prone to developing fatty tumors when they are overweight.


Little dog. Big bark.

Shocking to most people this tiny hound has an echoing howl. The beagle is known as one of the louder breeds. They just like to express themselves more often. In French, Beagle closely means “loudmouth.” Very fitting for this cute pup!

All About the Cocker Spaniel.

Photo by: @cocker_indi

There are two types of spaniels: English Cocker Spaniel and American Cocker Spaniel. Both equally as cute, these dogs are a fantastic breed with many great qualities about them.

These dogs are happy-go-lucky!

They are known to always be excited and optimistic about everything. In recent years, they have gained the attention of many families and make the perfect all around family pet. With their cute floppy ears and magical eyes what’s not to be happy about?

Photo by: @chloe_thecockerspaniel_

Their gentle nature makes them awesome as pets for kids.

The laid-back Cocker Spaniel rarely shows aggression toward other animals or people. They are super chill and have no desire to assert their dominance. They are the perfect dog for a new family and make great first pets for children. Teaching responsibility without being out of control.

These long coat cuties do have grooming requirements.

There is always a price to pay for the beautiful things in life. These dogs require daily brushing from the start of their life. The younger you start the grooming process the easier it will get for you and your dog. It is important that you maintain their grooming as well, because it can become a problem later. If you do not have the time to take care of their grooming sending them to a professional groomer is also an option.

Photo by: @chloe_thecockerspaniel_

They only need moderate exercise.

If you’re not the active type, the Cocker Spaniel is the dog for you! These dogs are sufficient with a walk around the neighborhood. Every dog needs to burn off energy, so it is important that they receive daily exercise. They most likely will not tire you out. If they do, you better be ready for hours of cuddles!

These dogs are as smart as can be!

Since Cocker Spaniels love to please people, they are very trainable pets. They are considered a highly intelligent breed. It is easy for them to learn new commands, taking only a small round of repetition. This means with the right strategies, you can teach your pup loads of cool tricks in the matter of weeks!

Photo by: @cocker_noah

Small in size, but big in heart!

Belonging to the sporting dog breed group, they are considered the smallest of their group. Standing only fourteen to seventeen inches tall, they are the perfect lap dog! They also adapt very well to apartment life. These dogs do not require much space and usually only weigh between twenty-four and twenty-eight pounds.

They do have health risks.

While the Cocker Spaniel is generally a pretty healthy dog, they do have faults within their genetics. They are at a high risk for several eye problem including: progressive retinal atrophy , cataracts , and glaucoma. Please do not worry though! With proper cleaning and diet, along with regular vet visits this most likely won’t be an issue.

Photo by: @cockerspaniel.reggie