10 Ways to Tire Your Dog out.

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Photo by: @zeyathetroll

1. Playing Fetch

This might seem like a no brainer, but you’d be surprised. A game of fetch is the perfect way to keep your dog focused on one thing, while tiring their energy out.

2. Taking a Walk

Dogs benefit tremendously from daily walks. They get to explore new scents and places, as well as burn off steam. I also love how there’s no end to a walk. Go as far as you’d like.

Photo by: @mazzer_the_basenji & @basenjis.nl

3. Interactive Dog Toys

I love the dog games where you fill the hidden compartments with treats! It’s a great way to challenge your pup. It tests their knowledge and keeps them focused.

The one I have: https://www.chewy.com/trixie-mini-mover-interactive-dog-toy/dp/146157

4. Swimming

Dogs are natural born swimmers. It’s a great way for them to have fun while building muscle. Your dog might be a little shy at first, but once they build the confidence to be in the water they’ll love it!

Photo by: @itsmabelthedog

5. Tug-of-War

This intense game will bring out the competition in your pet. All dogs, certain breeds more than others love playing this! The need to pull and bite something is a very dominate one.

6. Bicycle Running

If your not a fan of walking or running with your pup, this might be the thing for you! Riding your bicycle with your dog leashed to your side is a popular way to exercise not only you, but also your dog. It does take a little bit of practice.

Photo by: @cooper.thecollie

7. Hiking

Dogs love adventure. The curiosity of a new place and smell excites them! You’ll find your pup way more relaxed after a nice hike. It’ll even help clear your mind as well.

8. CBD and Hemp Oil

These natural alternatives are great for relaxing your pet. If you worry about separation anxiety or stress in your pets this is something you should try. CBD oil has been known to alleviate many issues with nervousness and paranoia in dogs.

9. Agility/Sport Training

An incredibly way to bond with your dog while tiring them out. Agility builds so many characteristics for your dog. It helps them work on: obedience, endurance, strength, concentration, and so much more!

10. Hunting

Certain breeds were bred for this! If your dog has the natural instinct to hunt, go for it. This can benefit the both of you in the long run.

Hunting Breeds:

German Shorthaired Pointer


Golden Retriever


Photo by: @mack_the_doge