What You Can/Can’t Feed your Dog this Holiday Season.

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My favorite part of the Holiday season is the food! Starting with Thanksgiving and ending with a nice New Years feast. There are tons of yummy foods to experience this time of year and plenty of it to go around! Here we’ll tell you what is safe to give your pooch and what to steer clear from.

Photo by: @gunnerdobgsd

10 Things Your Dog CAN Eat:

1. Turkey – This delectable bird is safe to feed your pet! It is not recommended that you feed them cooked bones of any sort, but a raw turkey bone is okay. If they are not used to raw food, it might upset their stomach a little bit.

2. Sweet Potato – Nutritious all year round, but especially popular around the holidays. Always make sure to feed cooked or dehydrated sweet potato and NEVER raw. You can leave off the sugar and marshmallows, they’ll appreciate it plain!

3. Pumpkin – We’re talking the unseasoned puree. If you are looking for something special for your pups so they get to be included in the feast, this is the perfect treat! It also mixes in well with other foods.

4. Peas – Although I can’t promise they’ll like them, peas are a great holiday food! They are excellent for dogs. Peas carry several vitamins, while also being low in calories.

Photo by: @boytherottweiler

5. Apples – A super simple treat for your dogs. You probably have an apple or two lying around somewhere. This crunchy fruit is a dog favorite! Make sure to core the apple, because dogs can choke on the seeds.

6. Carrots – They can be served raw or cooked to your dog. Watch out for harmful seasonings and ingredients that are added like: garlic, onion, nutmeg, and chives.

7. Cranberries – Unsweetened cranberries are a fun snack to let your dog try. Watch their face as they try the sour treat. Who knows they might even love it!

Photo by: @miss_molly_bear_gsd

8. Mashed Potatoes – Season to taste mashed potatoes are a great idea! This way they are safe for everyone, and you don’t have to worry about pleasing everyone! Feed this to your pooch without butter.

9. Green Beans – A healthy treat for your pups! Green beans are high in fiber and vitamin C. Your dog will love the crunchy texture.

10. Plain Beef Stock Gravy – While regular gravy is toxic to dogs because of the spices and fat. A homemade alternative is super easy to make! Adding some beef stock to a pan and simmering it with some turmeric or arrowroot powder is a great way to celebrate the holiday.


Photo by: @catahousky

10 Things Your Dog CAN’T Eat:

1. Onions – Extremely toxic to dogs. They are found in a lot of different foods to add flavor. Please ask to make sure before serving your dog anything you may think was cooked with onion.

2. Cooked Bones – When a bone is cooked it tends to break apart easier. This means your dog could be ingesting large chunks of bone. They also could possibly choke. It’s safe to stick with raw or no bones at all!

3. Fatty Meats – An occasional trimming is perfectly fine for your pup, but it shouldn’t become a habit! This should be considered an extra special treat and given sparingly.

4. Garlic – This can lead to damaged blood cells and just an overall sick dog. It’s best to keep garlic far away from your pup! Always check foods for this seasoning since it’s extremely popular.

Photo by: @marvelousmrsmaya

5. Chocolate – Everyone should know this one. Chocolate is deadly to dogs and should NEVER be given to them. It’s important to keep an eye out if their will be anything chocolate or containing cocoa powder around.

6. Grapes – This also includes raisins. The fruit can cause serious kidney failure in dogs that is irreversible. Raisins are found in several holiday desserts and should be avoided.

7. Alcohol – An obvious one, but just for the oblivious. It has the same effects on the liver and brain, but just doesn’t take as much as humans. Plus, it’s kinda cruel to get your dog drunk.

Photo by: @seelunashine

8. Nutmeg – A dangerous spice for dogs. It can cause hallucinations, seizures, and stomach pain in high amounts. It’s best to just stay away from this one!

9. Eggnog – A toxic concoction for dogs. This drink is filled with bad ingredients for your pup. Some of these include: alcohol, milk, and sugar. All not great for Fido.

10. Ham – One of the most surprising in my opinion. Pork can cause pancreatitis in dogs. It’s important to direct them away from ham and bacon.