25 Top Yorkshire Terrier Boy Names.

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Photo by: @teddytheyorkie9

1. Teddy – This cute and cuddly name is such a great option! The Yorkshire Terrier very much resembles a warm teddy bear. origin: English

2. Diego – This name is super adorable! It is sure to fit your little guy. origin: Latin

3. Bailey – A wonderful name with many cute nicknames. This is best for a puppy, and will follow him throughout his life! origin: English

4. Lennon – Such a unique name for a unique pup! This name is great because it is two syllables. The best for training purposes. origin: Gaelic

Photo by: @lennon_yorkie

5. Moose – I love this name just for the irony! This is such a cute name and also unique. origin: American

6. Gulliver – An excellent name for the smarty pants pup! origin: French

7. Aero – Meaning “of the sky.” I love this dreamy name! origin: Greek

8. Dexter – A super smart name! This is a wonderful name for any pup young or old. origin: Latin

Photo by: @dex_theyorkie

9. Hayden – This uncommon name is the perfect fit for your pup! origin: English

10. Angus – Meaning ” the one or choice.” I adore this name for a chunky boy! origin: Gaelic

11. Alf – An original name for an original pup! This name is a great name for a one of a kind dog. origin: German

Photo by: @sweet.alf.the.yorkie

12. Ashes – A cutesy name that will stick when people hear it! origin: English

13. Bandito – Meaning “bandit.” This is sure fitting for the thief in your life. No matter it be the stealer of socks or food. origin: Italian

14. Jasper – For the treasurer in your home! This name also can be used with many cute nicknames like: Jay, Jas, Per, Jassy, etc. origin: Persian

15. Murphy – Meaning “sea warrior.” This is a great name for a boy who loves the beach and ocean! origin: Irish

Photo by: @murphy__the__yorkie

16. Pookie – Literally meaning cute. You can’t go wrong with this name! origin: Amercian

17. Beethoven – This historical name is the perfect combination of unusual, but known. origin: German

18. Cadbury – A sweet name for a sweet puppy! origin: English

19. Odysseus – A very powerful name for a strong boy! origin: Greek

Photo by: @odysseus_the_toy

20. Kobe – If you’re a fan of basketball, this one’s for you! origin: Swahili

21. Bowser – Meaning “fine gentleman.” A great name for the proper pup in your life! origin: English

22. Jackson – More of a common name, but doesn’t beat how cute it is! This will fit any yorkie boy! origin: English

Photo by: @jacksontheterrier

23. Sparky – For the sparkle in your eye. This will suit any Yorkshire pup! origin: American

24. Jack – Meaning “God is gracious.” If you are looking for a more sentimental name, here it is! origin: English

25. Chewie – For the chewer in your life! This is a perfect name for the puppy who’s teething phase is lasting a little longer than usual… origin: American

Photo by: @chewie.thetinywookiee