The 10 Best Dog Breeds for Families!

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Photo by: @golden_rhettriever

1. Golden Retriever

This friendly breed is the perfect pup for the family! They are very versatile and easy to please. Their even temperament make them great family pets.


Photo by: @apoodlecalledhank

2. Poodle

The Poodle is incredibly smart and easy to train. They love exercise so they are great for an active family!

Photo by: @cookie_the_bulldog

3. Bulldog

This breed is very dependable and predictable. They have a sweet spot for children and are very gentle with them!


Photo by: @gregarious_gus

4. Labrador Retriever

This breed is very common and easy to find! Labs love being surrounded by people and are generally gentle with children.

Photo by: @socializingwithzeus

5. Collie

These dogs are great for first time dog owners. They rarely have rebel streaks and are easy to train. Collies are also very smart!

Photo by: @boxerbruno24

6. Boxer

The Boxer is an extremely sweet and playful dog. They love spending time with their families and make them their priority!

Photo by: @thatbeaglebenson

6. Beagle

These small dogs are great with kids and love to play! Their small stature make them perfect for handling.

Photo by: @iamgrootdairishsetter

7. Irish Setter

This breed has a lot of energy to tire out the kids! Plus, they tend to be a friendly breed. They can be a little bit rambunctious at times, but that’s only because they are excitable dogs!

Photo by: @frenchbulldog_ozzy

8. French Bulldog

These pups are great for small living families. They warm up quickly and will become your best friend in no time!

Photo by: @nutellatheberner

9. Bernese Mountain Dog

Don’t let this 100 pound dog fool you! They are a big bundle of joy to own. They are specifically known for their gentle nature with children.

Photo by: @roamwithpug

10. Pug

If your family is more layed back, the Pug is the perfect breed for you! These dogs love to snuggle up on the couch.